Thursday, September 27, 2012

This'n'That; September Twenty-Seventh #1; Uplifting Analysis

Rush Does It Right!
    Yea, I'm as skewed to the far-right as the national pamphleteer corpse polling is skewed to the far-left!  Rush analyzes that skewing here.  To understand the 'skewing' one has to know the methodology used in a particular poll.  Most of the national pamphleteer corpse polling units do not reveal their methodology.  To see an examples of UNSKEWED polling, go here.

A Rush Limbaugh 'Pearl of Wisdom' September 25, 2012
Rush also discussed the "Clown Prince's" propensity for the omnipresent lie.
    Check out the photo composite below (from  How would you caption it?!? 
My caption is:
"How can I overcome three-and-a-half years of  failure?"
"What lie will work here?"
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