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The Sunday 'Report;' 10/28/2012 [Part 2]

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
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Providing Cover For A Feckless barack obama
by Jim Emerson,
October 27, 2012
Now the finger-pointing begins over who is going to take the blame for the Administration’s inaction after the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. The six-plus hour attack was being monitored by a UAV gathering intelligence and streaming it back home via live video stream. The line that the military couldn’t be dispatched because of the lack of intelligence is no excuse. If not, what was the drone doing? Flying airshow maneuvers? Leaked State Department emails exposed the fact that they knew when the attack began, how many attackers, and by who. In a sporting analogy, somebody dropped the ball.
State Department
The State Department knew that the consulate was under attack; and two hours into the attack, they briefed State Department Officials and the White House on who attacked the facility. They knew that it was the Libyan militant group Ansar al-Sharia. When she accepted this job, Hillary Clinton intended to serve 4 years but no more. Instead of taking the fall for this fiasco, she now plans to stay at State for another four years. Hillary will [....]

Stop Feeding The Dragon:
The War Against The International Richest 1% Bankers: The Turning Point Is Here!
by 'Volubrjotr,'
October 18, 2012
You must enlarge this chart to read the names of the corrupt politicians, businesses, etc., it takes two clicks to do so. Connections does not mean sole ownership, just means connections. Restrict the flow of your money into any of these entities and will will soon dry up.
While consistently passing laws that help make more money for the corporate and political elite is one of the important items on the New World Order agenda, another is to set up a new class system in the United States based on wealth.
The rich few have positioned themselves to have influence over politicians and lawmakers as well as over financial markets.
Education and social program funding is being cut so that the people who are being groomed to be the working class, essentially anyone that isn’t one of the rich elite, won’t have the education that they need to understand how to challenge the status quo.
They are being trained to be workers that don’t expect too much and who define success as having enough money to buy the latest trendy consumer products.
Using a combination of fear of terrorists, economic instability for people making under a certain amount of money per year and slick marketing to convince people that their role in the economy is merely to consume, the New World Order agenda is creating an entire country of workers that are happy to let the rich elite rule them. [....]

Lemon Twist on PowerBlock
 This weekend PowerBlock Magazine’s West Coast reporter Jason Lewis manages to sit John Force down long enough for an interview with the world’s most successful racer. Jason caught up with the King of NHRA drag racing in his California shop. Plus we feature this gorgeous yellow Mopar. Owner David Ellison took a rough ’71 Cuda and dropped in a fresh 426 Hemi four speed cranking out 425 horsepower. The classic ‘70’s black leather interior is by Legendary and packs the signature pistol grip shifter. The ‘71’s are the only Cudas with the gill fenders, shark tooth grill and double headlights. This baby rides on Rally Wheels and Bridgestone rubber. Catch it all on October 20 & 21. [Oops, Sorry!!]
David Ellison's 1971 Cuda

Fifty-Third Terror Plot Foiled Since 9-11:
Bombing Targets U.S. Financial Hub
by Jessica Zuckerman,
October 17, 2012
On Wednesday, federal authorities arrested a man outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Lower Manhattan in an attempt to detonate a van he believed to be laced with explosives. The man had been under close surveillance by the FBI for some time, and the explosives were rendered inoperable.
While it appears that the public was never in danger, this latest attempted attack marks the 53rd thwarted terrorist plot against the United States since 9/11 and serves as a stark reminder that terrorists continue to plot against America.
 Federal Reserve Bank Plot
According to reports by the FBI, 21-year-old Bangladeshi citizen Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis came to the U.S. in January 2012 on a student visa with the explicit goal of carrying out a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Upon arriving in the U.S., Nafis [....]

Ahead Of Election, obama Stops Releasing 'Stimulus' Reports
by Jeffery Anderson,
October 19, 2012
The $831,000,000,000 economic “stimulus” that President Obama spearheaded and signed into law requires his administration to release quarterly reports on its effects. But “the most transparent administration in the history of our country” is now four reports behind schedule and has so far not released any reports whatsoever in 2012. Its most recent quarterly report is for the quarter than ended on June 30, 2011.
One wonders how the administration would treat a private citizen who acted like such a scofflaw in response to one of Obama’s principal legislative initiatives. It certainly appears that this administration, which is so very fond of regulating Americans’ lives — witness the 13,000 pages of Obamacare regulations it has already penned — doesn’t hold itself accountable to the same set of rules that it’s so eager to compel the American people to obey.
Section 1513 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the “stimulus”) explicitly states, “In consultation with the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisers shall submit quarterly reports to the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives that detail the impact of programs funded through covered funds on employment, estimated economic growth, and other key economic indicators.” (The head of the Council of Economic Advisors, currently Alan Krueger, is appointed by the president, confirmed by the Senate, and works within the Executive Office of the President. He is the president’s chief economic adviser.)
Indeed, the old reports [....]

HHS Hires PR Firm To Pitch obamaKare
by Joel Gehrke,
The Washington Examiner
October 4, 2012
    President Obama’s Health and Human Services Department hired a public relations firm to tell Americans about the perks in Obamacare and how they can enroll in the health care law’s exchanges.
HHS gave Weber Shandwick a $3.1 million contract. ...
HHS gave a $20 million contract to another [....]

Hollywood gets $900k to pitch Obamacare on TV
by Christopher Bedford,
September 17, 2012
    California’s ObamaCare-created insurance exchange is planning to spend $900,000 in taxpayer money to a P.R. firm to help enlist Hollywood “to incorporate story lines or mentions of health care reform that would reinforce [public relations] campaign messages” on prime-time TV.
The Hill reports that alongside a possible reality show about life [....]

The Most Outrageous Way to Share a Coke
What is the most outrageous way to share a Coke? Watch this video to see what Justine, Josh TheComputerNerd01 and a few new friends came up with -- an incredible one-of-a-kind machine! Once you've watched the video visit to share a Coke with your friends.

Mr president, Why Won't You Help Us Avert National Bankruptcy?
by David Limbaugh,
October 23, 2012
President Obama, I'd like to follow up on my most recent column and ask you a few more questions, please.
I am assuming you don't dispute that our nation faces a very serious financial problem, with unfunded liabilities in excess of $100 trillion. I use the word "assuming" because I don't remember you ever spending much time talking about this problem, which is odd because the very subject haunts so many Americans and makes them fearful for the future of this country.
Yet if you do recognize that these liabilities threaten our nation's solvency, how is it conceivable that you've not made the problem one of your foremost priorities? Yes, you established a bipartisan deficit commission, but you refused to meet with it and you ignored its findings, so that doesn't get you off the hook.
When Rep. Paul Ryan presented his "Path to Prosperity" and the Republican Congress passed a budget largely along the lines Ryan proposed, you publicly ridiculed Ryan, and your Democratic-controlled Senate summarily rejected the bill.
When Ryan questioned your treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, about entitlements and our national debt, Geithner claimed that the administration stabilized the deficit and debt issues over the next 10 years but admitted that you have no plans for attacking the long-term problem. But what Geithner refers to as stabilization actually amounts to adding approximately $1 trillion per year to our national debt over the next decade, which, incidentally, makes your statement that you would not add a dime to the national debt just outright bizarre — and disturbing.
More troubling, though, than the $10 trillion your budget admits you'd add to the debt over the next 10 years is Geithner's brazen confession that you have no plan to tackle the explosion of our unfunded liabilities. When Ryan pressed Geithner on that point, Geithner merely responded that he and you didn't like Ryan's plan, because it wouldn't adequately protect seniors and middle-income earners. But as you know, Mr. President, that is also blatantly false. Ryan's plan carves out special protection for those groups. You must know, unless you are as negligent about informing yourself on Republican ideas you oppose as you are regarding national security matters, that Ryan's plan would preserve [....]

obama's Class Warfare: Don't Get Fooled Again
by Chuck Norris,
October 23, 2012
Have you noticed how the Obama campaign has stepped up its class warfare rhetoric as we draw closer to Election Day?
President Barack Obama constantly resorts to this tactic because he's simply unable to defend his own record in office, as 23 million Americans are out of work or underemployed and the economy remains in distress.
Class warfare is all he has left.
But voters aren't buying Obama's polarizing rhetoric. In a Gallup survey about the 12 most important priorities this election year, the issue of "increasing taxes on wealthy Americans" came in dead last among voters. Understandably, Americans are far more concerned with issues such as "creating good jobs," "reducing corruption in the federal government" and "reducing the federal budget deficit," among other important priorities.
Nonetheless, Obama relentlessly attacks Mitt Romney's prosperity, as if being a successful businessman — who takes financial risks and creates jobs — were an automatic disqualifier for anyone running for the nation's highest office.
During the second presidential debate last week, Obama hammered Romney for his financial success and played the class warfare card:
—"I don't look at my pension. It's not as big as yours, so it doesn't take as long." (In fact, Obama has a larger pension than Romney.)
—Obama attacked Romney's "$20-million-a-year" income. (Romney actually made $13.7 million in 2011 and gave nearly 30 percent of his income to charity.)
—He also accused Romney of shielding the wealthy from paying "a little bit more" in taxes.
—He stated: "I believe in self-reliance and individual initiative and risk takers being rewarded. But I also believe that everybody should have a fair shot and everybody should do their fair share and everybody should play by the same rules, because that's how our economy's grown."
Obama claims to support free enterprise, self-reliance and individual initiative, but [....]

Chef Broke The Law By Cooking Healthy Food
by Jon Rappoport,
Personal Liberty Digest
October 23, 2012
Annika Eriksson, a long-time Swedish chef revered for her school lunches, has been squelched.
Has she made errors? Are her meals contaminated? Has the quality of her ingredients slipped? No, none of the above.
The trouble stems purely from the fact that her meals are too good. Yes, you read that right.
She’s exceeding expectations. She bakes fresh bread every day. She offers 15 different vegetables at lunchtime. She knows it pleases the students to have choices.
This is her crime because, you see, other schools don’t have the same benefits in the Falun district [....]

If it’s October, Surprise!
obama Wants to Nuke Arm Iran to Get Elected
by John Ransom,
October 23, 2012
    Rumors of a deal between Obama and the mullahs in Iran on the lifting of economic sanctions in return for shows of compliance by the Persian runaway state on nuclear arms inspections are gaining steam.  Obama, desperate for a diplomatic coup to cover for fading polls, fading policy and a fading public, is thought to have written a letter to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei offering to lift some sanctions in return for a show of compliance with requirements to suspend uranium enrichment, according to Dick Morris.
“Citing an Internet report on WorldNetDaily, a conservative website,” writes the Washington Times, “Mr. Morris said a deal between the White House and the Iranian regime is in the works to ease sanctions on Iran in return for concessions on the Iranian nuclear program.”
Economic sanctions have rarely worked, and in the case of Iran, while they have led to increasing civil unrest, they still haven’t worked.
The sanctions, while painful, have not changed the course of Iranian internal affairs.
“Obama’s sanctions came too late (after he wasted 18 months on ‘engagement’),” says the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, “were watered down too much and were unaccompanied by a credible threat of force. If anything, the latest ‘deal’ highlights just how preposterous [....]

Shocker: Bureaucrat-Dominated Panel Claims Bureaucrats Are Underpaid
by Daniel J. Mitchell,
October 23, 2012
Since I’ve been in Washington from more than 25 years, it takes something really remarkable to shock me. But when I read today that federal bureaucrats are supposedly underpaid, notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary, I thought somebody had sent me an article from the Onion.
But then I saw that the assertion of underpaid bureaucrats was put together by the stooges at the Federal Salary Council, a body controlled by government employee unions.
Here are some excerpts from a Federal News Radio report about their preposterous claim.
The gap in pay between federal employees and private-sector workers has jumped 8 percentage points since last year, according to new data presented at a Federal Salary Council meeting Friday. On average, federal employees earn 34 percent less than their private-sector counterparts, according to the council’s analysis. The pay gap, which is calculated using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on pay in 34 locality pay areas, was 26 percent last year. The council, which is made up of labor representatives and pay experts, makes recommendations on federal pay to the President’s Pay Agent.
But the article was fair in that it cited some contrary data. [....]

Why Won't Conservatives Just Drop Social Issues?
by Heidi Harris,
October 23, 2012
Good question, and one that was asked of me by a conservative veterinarian friend of mine last week. He is completely on board with conservative fiscal principles, (when applied), but he doesn’t understand WHY we on the “Religious Right” are still concerned about abortion, gay marriage, etc. “You need to drop it”, he said.
Let me try to explain why we don’t and why we shouldn’t. Those of us on the Religious Right, contrary to popular belief, are not interested in taking away rights from those who disagree with us. We’re just trying to maintain what rights we have left. We are not taking your territory; you’re taking ours.
Think about it: When I was a child in school, if Susie had two mommies, we sure didn’t hear about it at school, and my mother didn’t have to explain it at home. No one wants to see a child ostracized or bullied because their family structure is not traditional, and that should NOT be tolerated. But on the other hand, school is not the place for children to be exposed to the gay agenda, which wants to normalize gay relationships in the minds of young kids.
This was not happening when I was a child in school, and the religious right is merely pushing back on what they view as an unimaginable encroachment on their rights.
Religious parents aren’t stopping and questioning kids when they walk into school every morning about who does what in their home, so why should my child have to hear about it?
It’s a parent’s job to discuss social issues with their children, not [....]

Academy That Produced Two Presidents Now Terrorist Breeding Ground
by Floyd Brown,
October 22, 2012
(EDITOR’S NOTE: George Bush,Sr.,George Bush,Jr.,and John F. Kennedy Jr. actually attended Phillips Academy in Andover,Massachusetts versus Phillips Exeter Academy. However,there is still reason to be concerned about this academy as a possible terrorist breeding ground.)
Meet Maggie Hassan,the Democratic candidate for governor in the state of New Hamphshire. Maggie is married to Thomas Hassan,the principal of Phillips Exeter Academy. For those of you who are not familiar with Phillips Exeter Academy,it is ranked the number six school in the country and has an extremely impressive list of alumni that includes Oliver Wendell Holmes,John F. Kennedy Jr.,George Herbert Bush,George W. Bush,and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. And the list goes on: Bill Belichick,coach of New England Patriots;James Spader the actor;Dr. Spock,renowned pediatrician from the 1950’s,and many more. The list is like a “who’s who” of American history,and there is no doubt that the students currently enrolled will have similar power and influence in the decades to come. So what could be the problem with that? The short answer:radical Islam.
To quote an excellent article by Chris Anu of the New Hampshire Herald: [....]

Unlearning Liberty
by Mike Adams,
October 23, 2012
Despite their feigned interest in tolerance, college campuses are among the most punitive and stifling environments in the country. Students are routinely punished for "offenses" ranging from penning mild satire to holding the wrong opinions on important social and political issues. One book, Unlearning Liberty, by Greg Lukianoff, documents these abuses better than any other that has been written since I joined the campus culture wars over a decade ago. Greg is able to document these things well and for a simple reason: he has been the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for the last seven years.
The stories Greg tells in his new book are so disturbing it will be difficult for some to believe that they are all real and all come from American universities. Unlearning Liberty at times sounds like an account from some far away land that never valued the kinds of freedoms our constitution guarantees. For example,
* A student is punished for racial insensitivity for publicly reading a book that condemns the KKK.
* Students are required to lobby before legislatures for political bills they disagree with in order to graduate from a public university.
* A student Senate passes a Sedition Act to punish other students for criticizing them at, of all places, a public university governed by the First Amendment and funded by their tuition dollars.
However strange these stories seem, they [....]

5 Signs Stocks will Collapse in 2013, Hurts obama's Re-immaculation Odds
by 'NewsMax Wires,'
October 27, 2012
"After putting $803,436 in Obama’s campaign coffer, a media giant attempted to keep Americans from seeing the video by banning it from their sites,” stated Aaron DeHoog, the financial publisher who is unapologetic for the release of controversial footage that has gained international attention.   The video DeHoog is referring to is a stunning interview with famed economist Robert Wiedemer, author of the New York Times best-selling book Aftershock.
     Wiedemer, best known for correctly predicting the collapse of the U.S. housing market, equity markets, and consumer spending that almost sank the United States during the “Great Recession”, provides disturbing evidence in the video interview for 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market crash, and 100 percent annual inflation . . . starting as soon as 2013.  When the host of the interview [....]
The Chart That Will Cost Obama the Election

Hope-n-changey obama Supporters 'Gonna Assassinate Romney for Takin the Food Stamps'
by Various 'Twits,'
October 24, 2012
Repugnant state media observes radio-silence as Twitter explodes with racist threats that would make national headlines if directed at Dear Leader.
[Those "various twits:"]
This from just last night: [Oct 23rd]


Annual State-Local Tax Burden Ranking (2010) -
New York Citizens Pay the Most, Alaska the Least 
by Elizabeth Malm; Gerald Prante,
October 23, 2012
For nearly two decades the Tax Foundation has published an estimate of the combined state and local tax burden shouldered by the residents of each of the fifty states. For each state, we compute this measure of tax burden by totaling the amount of state and local taxes paid by state residents to both their own and other governments and then divide these totals by each state’s total income. We not only make this calculation for the most recent year, but also for earlier years due to the fact that income and tax revenue data are periodically revised by government agencies.
Our goal here is to move the focus from the tax collector to the taxpayer. We aim to find what percentage of state income residents are paying in state and local taxes and whether those taxes are paid to their own state or to others. We are not attempting to find the amount of money state and local governments have collected; the Census Bureau publishes the definitive comparative data answering that question.
Here are some examples of the difference [....]
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