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The Sunday 'Report;' 11/04/2012 [Part 2]

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
[Not Sure About This One:]
Hell To Pay?  Payback Time?  Sounds Lie A Threat To Me!!
From the Desk of:
Mat Staver
 Conservative blogs are literally on fire over alleged comments made by Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Obama and one of his closest friends, who was recently addressing other Obama senior staffers…
“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. 
Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve.”
Jarrett, who is considered the single-most influential person in Obama’s White House, says of her relationship with the President [....]

Benghazi--No Mere October Surprise!
by Jonah Goldberg,
October 31, 2012
    If you want to understand why conservatives have lost faith in the so-called mainstream media, you need to ponder the question: Where is the Benghazi feeding frenzy?  Unlike some of my colleagues on the right, I don't think there's a conspiracy at work. Rather, I think journalists tend to act on their instincts (some even brag about this; you could look it up). And, collectively, the mainstream media's instincts run liberal, making groupthink inevitable.
     In 2000, a Democratic operative orchestrated an "October surprise" attack on George W. Bush, revealing that 24 years earlier, he'd been arrested for drunk driving. The media went into a feeding frenzy. "Is all the 24-hour coverage of Bush's 24-year-old DUI arrest the product of a liberal media almost drunk on the idea of sinking him, or is it a legitimate, indeed unavoidable news story?" asked Howard Kurtz in a segment for his CNN show "Reliable Sources." The consensus among the guests: It wasn't a legitimate news story. But the media kept going with it.
     One could go on and on. In September 2004, former CBS titan Dan Rather gambled his entire career on a story about Bush's service in the National Guard. His instincts were so powerful, he didn't thoroughly check the documents he relied on, which were forgeries. In 2008, the media feeding frenzy over John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, was so ludicrous it belonged in a Tom Wolfe novel. Over the last couple of years, the mainstream media has generally treated Occupy Wall Street as idealistic, the "tea parties" as racist and terrifying.
     To be sure, there have been [....]

Can The Police Take Your Gun(s) During A State Of Emergency?
by Jason Howerton,
October 31, 2012
    As superstorm Sandy was preparing to pound the Eastern United States, Cam Edwards, of NRA News, joined Glenn Beck on his television program Monday to discuss Americans’ gun rights during a state of emergency.
You need to know your rights,” Beck said.
This is what happens when people’s rights are trampled in an emergency…Somebody takes advantage of that situation,” he later added.
Beck went on to air part of a news report about a woman who was disarmed and forced from her home during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Patty Konie explained to officers back in 2005 that her [Related legislation, below][....]

H.R. 5013 (109th): Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006
To amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to prohibit the confiscation of firearms during certain national emergencies. [Blogger Emphasis][....]

Funny, huh: Gas Prices Decline In Battleground States
[Blogger:  Another "Clown Prince" unique method of buying more battleground votes?!?]
by 'Political Calculations,'
October 31, 2012
Six months ago, we used Google's Fusion Tables to create interactive heat maps to visualize the actual price of a gallon of gasoline across the United States. We're updating that exercise today:
Average Price of a Gallon of Gasoline at the Pump
Our first chart visualizes the average price that consumers are paying per gallon of gasoline at the pump when they fill up their vehicle's gas tanks, as of when we sampled it on 21 October 2012 as recorded by GasBuddy:

The Specter Of Taxmageddon Rises
by Amy Payne,
October 31, 2012
No amount of garlic, crosses, or exorcists can help us—only Congress and the President can chase this ghoul away.
It’s Taxmageddon.
A horrifying combination of expiring pro-growth tax policies from 2001 and 2003, the end of the once-temporary payroll tax cut, and just a few of Obamacare’s 18 new tax hikes, Taxmageddon will be the largest tax increase EVER to hit Americans. It’s nearly $500 billion in one year, starting January 1. That’s two months away.
The number $500 billion is rather large and abstract, so The Heritage Foundation has broken down the expected tax increases per person just for 2013:
  • Families with an average income of $70,662: tax increase of $4,138
  • Baby boomers with an average income of $95,099: tax increase of $4,223
  • Low-income workers with an average income of $24,757: tax increase of $1,207
  • Millennials with an average income of $23,917: tax increase of $1,099
  • Retirees with an average income of $42,553: tax increase of $857
>>> See the infographic.
And if that isn’t scary enough, [....]
15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate In November
by Laura Turner Garrison,
November 1, 2012

1. November 2nd: National Plan Your Epitaph Day

Getty Images
Whether you’re morbid or just really on top of planning ahead, take the day to decide which of your legacies you want set in stone. No pressure, but some claim that a “forgettable gravestone is a fate worse than death.”

2. November 3rd: Sadie Hawkins Day (the first Saturday in November)

The woman asking the man to a dance? How novel! Apparently it was quite novel back in the late 1930s, when Sadie Hawkins Day first appeared in the popular comic strip Li’l Abner. Worried that his homely daughter Sadie might never find a beau, Hekzebiah Hawkins organized a race in which his daughter would chase all the unmarried men in town to the finish line. If she caught one, he was legally obligated to wed her. The holiday became an annual event in the comic strip, and evolved into a real life event as well—with more dancing and less capturing. These days, Sadie Hawkins Day generally occurs on the first Saturday of November.

3. November 4th: King Tut Day

Getty Images
No, this day does not commemorate the great Egyptian king’s birthday. On this day in 1922, British archeologist Howard Carter and his crew discovered the entrance to King Tut’s tomb. This monumental discovery was one of the greatest archaeological achievements of the 20th century, and remains a huge attraction well into the 21st. The least we can do is take a day to honor it. History for the win!

4. November 5th: Guy Fawkes Day

Let anarchy and chaos reign today, although if you aren’t in England, you may get a lot of strange looks. The eponymous man behind the infamous “Gunpowder Plot” planned to blow up Britain’s Parliament in 1605, spawning annual [....]
Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping To Trade Blind Sheik
by Kris Zane,
October 17, 2012
America watched in disbelief as Barack Obama tried to tell the American people that the attack on the Libyan consulate on September 11 was the result of an amateurish, anti-Muslim video that had been on YouTube for three months with barely three hundred views.
Then suddenly the administration announced that it was, yes, a terrorist attack, but that it was the intelligence community that had fed him bad information, even though we knew our intelligence community had known it was an al-Qaeda-linked attack within twenty four hours.
Why the equivocation?
Why the lies?
None of it made sense.
Until now. [....]

Jeb Bush Suggests Federal Government Not Crucial To Storm Recovery
by Justin Zink,
October 31, 2012
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush might have been looking to subtly undermine any polling bounce President Obama might receive for his handling of Hurricane Sandy, telling supporters at a campaign event in Tampa Wednesday that the efforts of local officials were the most crucial part of storm recovery.
"My experience in all this emergency response business is that it is the local level and the state level that really matters," Bush said.
"That if they do their job right, the federal government part works out pretty good."
The comment came as the former Florida governor was introducing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was officially returning to the campaign trail for the first time since the storm hit. He and running mate Paul Ryan had temporarily suspended their campaign Monday afternoon as the storm began battering the Eastern seaboard.
 The Republican ticket did seem to go out of its way to acknowledge the aftermath of the deadly storm, with screens at Romney's rally urging donors to give to the Red Cross.
"We love all of our fellow citizens, we come together in times like this and we want to make sure they have a speedy recovery," Romney said.
The Republican presidential candidate scrubbed his stump speech of direct attack on Obama, who continues to coordinate the federal response from Washington.  Ryan also softened his tone [....]

U.S. Fiscal Cliff--Think Hard About It NOW And On November 6th
by Ian Campbell,
October 31, 2012
An article last Friday says that the tax hikes and spending cuts that will result after December 31 if Congress does not take action to avert those scheduled changes (broadly referred to as the ‘fiscal cliff’) have already in 2012 resulted in one million U.S. jobs being lost – and will result in loss of a further 6 million jobs through 2014 and a reported U.S. unemployment rate of 12%.
 I don’t know whether the data set out in the article has any validity, but even if directionally correct it emphasizes the importance of the election results on November 6. Anyone with money in the financial markets ought to be glued to their television sets that evening as the election results are reported. Simply put: [....]

obama's Courting The Mullahs
by P. David Hornik,
October 30, 2012
 It turns out that soon after taking office, President Obama tried to make friends—totally—with the mullahs’ regime in Iran.
The aim was to start with the opening of interest sections in Washington and Tehran, then progress to “full diplomatic ties, including U.S. and Iranian embassies and ambassadors in each other’s capitals, security cooperation…, [and] direct flights between the U.S. and Iran….” All this amity, it was presumed, would get Iran to give up its nuclear program.
 So, at least, reports the Israeli daily Maariv (Hebrew original here; English report in The Times of Israel here), basing itself on “two Western diplomats very close to the administration.”
Maariv says that, beginning in summer 2009, there were [....]

Americans who care about Israel should Vote for Romney
by Rich Sokol,
October 30, 2012
    If policy towards Israel is a prime concern, it is clear that Americans should vote for Romney. Let's examine the assertions by those claiming Obama is good for Israel and look at the facts:
ASSERTION: Obama fully supports Israel's right to defend herself. US military assistance and intelligence sharing with Israel has never been better.
PROOF OFFERED: Obama has provided more US dollars for military assistance than any previous US President.
 FACTS: It is true that US military assistance is at an all-time high. But don't give the credit to Obama as if he has inaugurated a new policy. Obama has simply continued to fulfill the 10 year Memorandum of Understanding between our countries. That agreement calls for approximately $3 billion per year in US military aid to Israel. This agreement was signed in 2007 between Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush to assure Israel of future military support in an increasingly hostile Middle East. Obama, like with other treaties, has simply fulfilled the terms of the agreement he inherited. He has not altered the terms - either positively or negatively - of the Agreement.
 The US has given additional money to Israel to help build the Iron Dome missile defense system. But the impetus for that came from House Members. Colorado's own Doug Lamborn (R, Colorado Springs) was instrumental in securing this funding.
The Obama Administration deserves praise for continuing to fulfill the pre-existing Memorandum of Understanding [....]

Only 11 People Show For Chicago Teachers Union Victory Lap In Michigan
by Kyle Olsen,
November 1, 2012
 The fact that only 11 people showed “for a discussion of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Union strike and what it means for Michigan unions,” could be signal that there may be underwhelming support for the unions’ Proposal 2 on Michigan’s statewide ballot.
 The CTU has been on a victory lap of sorts around the country, crowing about its decisive win over Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the recent teachers strike. The tour recently made a stop in Ann Arbor.
 Michigan union officials want to use the Chicago strike as a springboard for other Big Labor victories, like approval of Proposal 2 in next month’s election. Proposal 2 would enshrine collective bargaining privileges in Michigan’s state constitution, and allow union agreements to trump state law.
 EAGnews has obtained video that shows the sentiments of some of the unionists on hand at the Ann Arbor rally. SEE IT HERE.
 The event featured Bill Lamme, a high school social studies teacher in Chicago Public Schools. He told the tiny audience [....]

The Uncool President
by Victor Davis Hanson,
November 1, 2012
In 2008, Barack "No Drama" Obama was the coolest presidential candidate America had ever seen -- young, hip, Ivy League, mellifluous and black, with a melodic and exotic name. Rock stars vied to perform at his massive rallies, where Obama often began his hope-and-change sermons by reminding the teary-eyed audience what to do in case of mass fainting.
 Money, like manna from heaven, seemed to drop spontaneously into his $1 billion campaign coffers. Ecstatic Hollywood stars were rendered near speechless at the thought of Obama's promised Big Rock Candy Mountain to come -- peace, harmony, prosperity and "5 million new jobs" in renewable energy alone.
 Even the cynical Europeans went crazy over his anti-George W. Bush candidacy, one gussied up with faux-Greek columns and Latin presidential mottoes. Huge rainbow-colored Obama signs sprouted like weeds on America's upscale suburban lawns, and hip-hoppers rapped out Obama themes. All of America, it seemed, wanted to believe in this largely unknown newcomer.
 The giddy media declared Obama a "sort of god," and "the smartest man with the highest IQ" ever to assume the presidency. Somehow, even legs got into the hero worship, as pundits praised the sight of Obama's "perfectly creased pant," and one commentator felt "this thrill going up my leg" when Obama spoke.
 And why not, when the soft-spoken, adaptable African-American candidate preached civility and visions of a postracial America -- changing his speech from a white suburban patois to Southern black evangelical cadences as needed to woo widely diverse audiences.
 obama, the most partisan [....]

obama Hiding Arms Shipments To Syrian Jihadists
Video Presentation,
October 31, 2012
    We all remember Obama’s Fast and Furious debacle where he was running guns to Mexican drug cartels and then invoked executive privilege to keep all the documents out of the public’s hands.
What if Obama was at it again,except this time instead of arming Mexican drug cartels,he was arming Syrian rebels?
(Or,more correctly,Islamic jihadists?)
That is exactly what he was doing.
The night Ambassador Stevens was murdered,Stevens was negotiating with the Turkish consul general for a shipment of thousands of Libyan shoulder-fired missiles to Syria,Turkey being the middle man for the nefarious enterprise.
Now we know why Obama literally watched Americans get slaughtered in real time. Now we know why [....]

Congressional Investigators Release First Part of Final Joint Report on Operation Fast and Furious
Committee Report,
July 31, 2012
WASHINGTON, DC – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Senator Chuck Grassley today released the first part of the final report on the joint congressional investigation of conduct in Operation Fast and Furious. The report presents evidence detailing numerous errors and decisions by ATF officials and the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office that led to serious problems – including inter-agency communication failures between ATF, DEA, and FBI. The failed operation might have contributed to the deaths of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and an unknown number of Mexican citizens. It also created an ongoing public safety hazard on both sides of the border. The failures happened because of conscious decisions not to interdict weapons and not to stop suspects in the hope that they would lead to cartel connections and a larger case.
“ATF and the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office failed to consider and protect the safety of Americans, Mexicans, and fellow law enforcement personnel throughout Operation Fast and Furious,” said Chairman Issa. “Testimony and a persistent reluctance to fully cooperate make clear that many officials at ATF and the Department of Justice would have preferred to quietly sweep this matter under the rug. Though they are among the most vocal objectors to oversight by Congress, this investigation has also shown that both agencies are among those most in need of additional scrutiny and attention from Congress.”
“The ATF wasted time, money and resources on wiretaps and put agents in harm’s way trying to learn about the links that other agencies had already made,” Grassley said. “It’s a classic case of government agencies’ failure to connect the dots. The ATF leadership claims it didn’t get the full picture from the FBI until after the case was over. We know the DEA was actively giving information to the ATF, but the ATF dropped the ball. Whistleblowers put the spotlight on Operation Fast and Furious. The ATF clearly needs to clean up its act, and the Department of Justice needs to make certain this kind of program is never allowed to happen again. This report provides a road map of what went wrong.”
This new report, “Fast and Furious: The Anatomy of a Failed Operation, Part I of III,” is based on transcribed [....]
[Part 1]
[Part 2]

Terror, Terror, Terror
by Sam Rolley,
Personal Liberty Digest
November 1, 2012
New York University students in a class on transnational terrorism cannot pass the course until they “hypothetically plan a terrorist attack” of their own, including details about location and how they would carry out their dastardly plans.
An investigative report compiled by the New York Post, unveils how students of former Navy criminal investigator Marie-Helen Maras are asked to “step into [a terrorist’s] shoes” to write a 10- to 15-page paper on their proposed act of terror.
“In your paper, you must describe your hypothetical attack and what will happen in the aftermath of the attack,” Maras wrote in the syllabus obtained by The Post.
The students are also reportedly required to outline a government-response plan to the attack.
Ryan Singel, editor of Wired’s “Threat Level” blog, offered a critique of The Post’s alarmism that is rife with sarcasm.
He writes: [....]

WV Dems Rip obama EPA For Killing 150 Coal Jobs
by Ben Shapiro,
October 31, 2012
Yesterday, four top West Virginia Democrats ripped the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency for taking action that will result in 150 lost mining jobs in the coal industry. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Sen. Joe Manchin, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, and Rep. Nick Rahall expressed “outrage” at the EPA’s delay of a surface mining permit for Consol Energy. If the permit had been approved, the state would have seen thousands of new jobs created. This is all part of the Obama administration’s war on coal, declared during [....]

obama's Regulatory Agenda: The Calm Before The Superstorm
by Diane Katz,
October 31, 2012
    After three years of unprecedented regulatory activity, the Obama Administration has noticeably slowed its rulemaking in recent months. A number of major rules remain under prolonged “review” by the White House, while publication of the regulatory agenda required by statute has not occurred.
This flouting of the law is disturbing enough, but it is made worse by the mounting regulatory uncertainty it has caused. The Administration should come clean about its regulatory intentions by releasing its agenda as required.
Lack of Transparency
    Congress mandated a regulatory agenda from each agency in 1980 under the Regulatory Flexibility Act. The statute calls for release every April and October of a description of all rules likely to have a “significant economic impact” on a substantial number of small entities. A series of subsequent executive orders extended agenda requirements to all regulations under development or review by some 60 departments, agencies, and commissions.
President Obama has ignored [....]

Napolitano Uses Sandy To Make Government Internet Control Case
by Sam Rolley,
Personal Liberty Digest
November 2, 2012
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is using Hurricane Sandy to attempt to make the case for more government controls over the Internet.
Earlier this week, Napolitano compared the power outages that are currently taking place in parts of New York City and the rest of the Northeast to what might happen if terrorists launched a cyberattack on power grids.
“If you think a control-system attack that takes down a utility even for a few hours is not serious, just look at what is happening now that Mother Nature has taken out those utilities,” she said at a cybersecurity conference, POLITICO reports. The damage can be “life threatening.”
Napolitano echoed [....]

NYC Sea Barrier Could Have Stopped Surge
by Jennifer Peltz; Peter Svenssen,
November 1, 2012
The vast destruction wreaked by the storm surge in New York could have been prevented with a sea barrier of the type that protects major cities in Europe, some scientists and engineers say. The multibillion-dollar price tag of such a project has been a hindrance, but may appear more palatable after the damage from Superstorm Sandy has been tallied.
"The time has come. The city is finally going to have to face this," said oceanography professor Malcolm J. Bowman at Long Island's Stony Brook University. He has warned for years of the potential for a catastrophic storm surge in New York and has advocated for a barrier.
Invited by Bowman and his colleague Douglas Hill, two European engineering firms [....]

Ever Wonder How obama Got Into Occidental College?
by Charles Johnson,
November 1, 2012
Of the many enduring questions about Barack Obama’s past, perhaps none figures more than that of his still-unreleased academic records. But a series of articles written in Occidental College’s student newspaper, The Occidental, in 1978-1979 sheds new light on how Obama may have been admitted through the liberal arts college’s renewed, “hard nosed” and “rigorous” commitment to increasing the numbers of black and Chicano students and faculty on campus.
Federal privacy laws prohibit anyone, save Obama, from releasing material from his academic years, but contemporaneous documentation from the time gives strong indication of how he might have been admitted to the Southern California liberal arts college, despite an admitted lackluster academic performance at Punahou School, an elite Hawaiian prep school.
Fortunately [....]

The Electoral College, Under Attack
by Mark Davis,
November 2, 2012
As Tuesday’s election ticks ever nearer, my fervent wish is a solid electoral college win for Mitt Romney. Not to get greedy, but I’d like it in the bag before the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
I hope this is not asking too much. October’s poll swing and a broadening visceral sense tell me this election may not feature the nail-biting closeness we have been told to expect for months.
But if we are to be ensnared by a down-to-the-wire finish, get ready for the attendant micro-focus on the Electoral College, and the resulting debate over whether it should be scrapped.
I spent more than a little of my early adulthood weighing the merits of deciding the presidency on purely popular vote. It took me too long to cast off the myopia and historical illiteracy that led to my ambivalence.
So on the eve of this election, I hope to unburden anyone troubled by this dilemma. To those actively seeking to ditch the Electoral College, I hope to dash your efforts on the rocks of shame.
Simply put, [....]

These Senate Seats Are Crucial, Too
by Chip Wood,
Personal Liberty Digest
November 2, 2012
With all of the focus on the race for the White House, let’s not forget about some other crucial elections on Tuesday. It looks like the Republicans are a lock to retain control of the House. That’s encouraging, since the Constitution requires that all spending bills originate there. If the House won’t approve it, the President can’t spend it (not that this has had much impact on the big spenders in Washington in the past).
One of the blessings we got after the midterm elections in 2010 was that Nancy Pelosi was no longer the Speaker of the House of Representatives. One of the biggest disappointments was that Harry Reid retained his incredibly powerful post as Majority Leader of the Senate. He has used that position to keep every piece of reform legislation approved in the House from coming to a vote.
All of that could change on Tuesday — assuming the Republicans can win four more seats in the Senate than they hold now. Remember, unless there is a conservative majority in the Senate, there is not a chance that Obamacare will be repealed, that the bailouts will end, that any entitlements will be reformed, that the budget will be balanced or that the deficit will be reduced — even if Mitt Romney occupies the White House.
As Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) pointed out in an advertisement, “A president can campaign on good policies, but he doesn’t write the bills. As long as liberals are in charge of writing legislation, it will be difficult for a Republican president to sign the right bills into law.”
If Romney [....]
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