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This'n'That; November Twenty-First #1; Fiscal Crap

Boehner Should Check History For Trends
    Speaker John Boehner is definitely "up to his ass in alligators" with this obamacRATic on-going spending spree "Clown Prince" obama is pushing.  He is not the only one to face this kind of lunacy!  Remember Vice-President George H.W. Bush during the 1988 republicRATic primary and his nomination acceptance speech, saying " my lips, no new taxes."  President Bush (41) later--under tremendous pressure from democRATics in the Congress--was forced to raise taxes without commensurate, PROMISED spending cuts.
    Let's look at the history--that Speaker Boehner probably won't see--behind the various presidents' tax policies.  Said history only goes from Lyndon Johnson, forward through the first-term of Bush-43. 
Table #1--'Change in real spending for each presidential term:'

Table #2--'Number of departments' and agencies' budget cuts:'

Table #3--'Changes in real spending, selected departments' and agencies,' by presidential term:'
ALSO: See notes at bottom of each chart at referenced URL
    During their first, second, or only presidential terms, all presidents back to--and including--Lyndon Johnson raised the total monetary outlays.  Four presidents--Johnson, Carter, Reagan 1, Bush-43--increased total outlays by double-digits!  The smallest increases in total outlays were by Clinton 1 (+4.2%); Nixon (+5.3%); Reagan 2 (+7.4%); Bush-41 (+7.8%) and Clinton 2 (+8.2%). 
    During three presidential terms, several departments and/or agencies had significant reductions in outlays: Reagan 1: 8 of 15; Clinton 1: 9 of 15; Reagan 2: 10 of 15!  The remaining presidential terms' reductions were between zero and five departments/ agencies.
    We're considering nine presidential terms and fifteen selected departments and agencies, for a total of 135 opportunities to raise or lower real spending levels.  Over all, this range only produced 30.3% of the departments/agencies being reduced (41 of 135 opportunities, covering 36 years). 
  • Only HHS has never suffered a reduction;
  • Only HUD, Justice and State-one reduction;
  • Only Education and Transportation-two reductions;
  • Only Agriculture, Defense and Veterans Affairs-three reductions.
    In conclusion, one party is no better or worse than the other in taxing-the-crap out'ta taxpayer; both parties are addicted to spending more money than they earn.  While President Bush-43's second-term statistics are not available, one can only assume he didn't improve--from the taxpayers' perspective--on his first-term numbers.  No chart(s) is necessary to determine that "Clown Prince" obama has pissed-away more tax revenues and borrowed funds than all presidents in U.S. history, COMBINED!!
    If I were Speaker Boehner's fiscal/economic advisor, I would seriously caution the Speaker to take any obamacRATic revenue generation/spending cut pronouncements with "several tons of salt!"  I would counsel Speaker Boehner to insist on--with appropriate legislation signed-into-law--several spending changes before any discussion of "revenue inhancement."  Those would be:
  • NO debt-ceiling increases through 2025;
  • Change to Zero Based budgeting; eliminate the federal use of Baseline budgeting
  • Continue the current obama federal income tax rates (formerly, the Bush tax rates) for all taxpayers for 5 years;
  • Agree--again, with appropriate legislation signed-into-law--to a formula of spending cuts versus revenue 'inhancements,' in the area of $1 in revenue for each $8 in spending reductions.
  • ANY budget enhancements; bailouts; "Barack'a Claus"-style payouts to the 'taker-class' must be paid for by cuts in any other budgetary area EXCEPT DEFENSE;
  • Agree--again, with appropriate legislation signed-into-law--to a CUMULATIVE 2% in annual reductions to foodstamp and welfare funding through 2016.
After--and ONLY AFTER--each of these demands is signed into law, start "revenue inhancements" talks.
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