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The Sunday 'Report;' 12/02/2012 [Part 1]

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
Parody Songs From Rush Limbaugh's Radio Show
"Baracka Claus Is Comin' To Town:"
"obama Fo Ringin':"

In Four More Years, We'll Be Detroit
by John Ransom,
November 17, 2012
From one moment to the next the city of Detroit doesn’t know where its next bailout is coming from. Chronically unable to pay its bills, the city looks to the state for cash gifts to stave off default. Operating under the terms of a consent agreement hammered out with the state, Detroit faces fiscal uncertainty largely because it has failed to get adequate concessions from public employee unions that are unsustainable. And those concessions that they have wrested from unions, politicians in Detroit have been unwilling to enforce.
One prominent Detroit attorney, however, is facing the future of the Motor City with a bit more certainty.
He’s calling upon the city to declare bankruptcy.
"Detroit should go bankrupt," says Douglas Bernstein, according to the Detroit News. Bernstein is a partner in the law firm of Plunkett Cooney who specializes in bankruptcies. "It would be a recognition that they've hit bottom, and it's a chance
to go on the upswing. I don't think they're going to be stigmatized as much as people think…. Otherwise, you're going to go down the path and be in one crisis after another. Yes, it's expensive and it should be a last resort. But at some point, you've had enough."
The bankruptcy would [....]

Oh, We Forgot To Tell You....
Hushed-up “news” explodes with a fury.
by Victor Davis Hanson,
November 15, 2012

   The second-term curse goes like this: A president (e.g., Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and so on) wins reelection, but then his presidency implodes over the next four years — mired in scandals or disasters such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica Lewinsky, the Iraqi insurgency, and Hurricane Katrina.  Apparently, like tragic Greek heroes, administrations grow arrogant after their reelection wins. They believe that they are invincible and that their public approval is permanent rather than fickle.  The result is that Nemesis zeroes in on their fatal conceit and with a boom corrects their hubris. Or is the problem in some instances simply that embarrassments and scandals, hushed up in fear that they might cost an administration an election, explode with a fury in the second term?
Coincidentally, right after the election we heard that Iran had attacked a U.S. drone in international waters.
Coincidentally, we just learned that new food-stamp numbers were “delayed” and that millions more became new recipients in the months before the election.
Coincidentally, we now gather that the federal relief effort following Hurricane Sandy was not so smooth, even as New Jersey governor Chris Christie and [....]

obama Commits Treason With Muslim Brotherhood
Video Presentation
November 23, 2012
We witnessed another one of Barack Obama’s oddities with the Muslim Brotherhood. The first anomaly was when Obama was almost giddy when the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt,Mohammed Morsi,ascended to power. The Muslim Brotherhood had openly called for the destruction of the United States “from within”,most recently apparent in Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR calling for the purging of any training materials within the FBI and CIA that “offended” Muslims. Barack Obama of course dutifully complied.
The most recent oddity,however,is Obama calling on Morsi to “broker a truce” between Hamas and Israel. Hamas has fired on average one thousand rockets per year at Israel from the Gaza strip;and for eight days,Israel did something that they should have done a decade ago:fight back.
Keep in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas. [....]

Gun Store Owner: "Business Is Booming!"
by Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.,
November 25, 2012
Last week, the owner of an Arizona gun shop made national headlines after it was reported that he had posted a sign and taken out a full page ad in a local newspaper that banned Obama supporters from entering his store. One week later, Cope Reynolds is cashing in on the attention.
Mr. Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority says “business is booming” after his sign and newspaper ad caught the attention of various media outlets. The sign read: “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”
Reynolds says he has been inundated with hundreds of calls and emails from media types and supporters. When asked about business, he replied, “I’ve been busier than a cat covering up poop on a marble floor.”
The Arizona Republic spoke with Mr. Reynolds about his sign and the effect it’s had on his business:
“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers,” Reynolds said, laughing. “No, I haven’t. I haven't alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don't come here at all. I haven’t alienated. I’ve improved things. I have packages sitting on my desk to be shipped to places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Nevada and California.”
Talking Points Memo asked Mr. Reynolds how he will prevent Obama supporters from entering [....]

Texas Student Successfully Defies ‘Total Surveillance State,’ Citing ‘Mark of the Beast’
by Mytheos Holt,
November 23, 2012
    The idea of being tracked wherever one goes by a government computer chip may sound like something out of Science Fiction dystopia films like “V for Vendetta” or “Total Recall,” but apparently, it’s actually happening. And at least one Texas high school student has embarked on a mission to stop it.
    Meet Andrea Hernandez, a sophomore at Texas’ John Jay High School Science and Engineering Academy, and a resistor against a new program there that enables the school to track its pupils. The proposed “tracking” method would require students to wear badges containing Radio Frequency Initiation (RFID) chips, and then track the chips embedded in the badges, presumably as a means of ensuring students don’t play hooky or go off-campus without permission, etc. [....]

Mr obama: Compromise Is Not Capitulation
Staff Report,
November 24, 2012
    Right after this last election,our beloved President,Barack Hussein Obama,came out and offered Republicans an olive branch by stating that he was ready to “compromise”on tax hikes and spending to avoid going over what many economists call a fiscal cliff in January. It’s a perfect economic storm of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for everybody,automatic spending cuts in defense and domestic spending,and Obamacare starting to kick in with it’s own tax increases. The next day,Obama reneged on everything that he had said the day before. Obama said that he would not tolerate extending the Bush tax cuts to those making $250K a year,never mentioning what spending cuts he is willing to make to offset those tax increases.

    What Mr Obama and the Progressives in Washington D.C. don’t seem to understand,or want to understand,is that the government does NOT have a revenue problem,but a SPENDING problem of over a TRILLION dollar deficit per year since Obama took office!! Obama wants to punish those who have been successful without doing anything to straighten out our economy!  If you listen very carefully [....]

A Constitutional Opening
The Sebelius ruling on the Medicaid mandate gives states an important way out.
by Paul Moreano,
November 28, 2012
    Now that President Obama has won reelection, the states are grappling with implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Last June, in NFIB v. Sebelius, the Supreme Court gave the act a mixed bill of constitutional health. It upheld the individual mandate by saying that it was constitutional under Congress’s taxing power. However, it also ruled that Congress could not compel the states to expand their Medicaid programs by threatening to cut off all Medicaid subsidies if they did not do so. Imposing onerous new requirements in a program that already represents such a large part of the states’ budgets that they can’t afford to lose federal subsidies, the Court ruled, is unconstitutional. This was the first significant limitation on the federal government’s power to use the strings attached to fiscal subsidies — “grants-in-aid,” as they used to be known — in order to make states implement federal policies.
    Nearly all federal welfare programs are joint operations [....]

All about Taxes
Democrats and the media have ignored the rest of the fiscal-cliff debate.
by Michael Tanner,
November 28, 2012

How many times have we heard that the only thing standing in the way of a grand bargain to reduce our growing national debt is Republican intransigence on taxes? If Republicans would only agree to dump Grover Norquist, Democrats will agree to cut spending and reform entitlements. Then, we can all join hands and sing Kumbaya as we usher in a new era of compromise and fiscal responsibility.
Except that now that Republicans have agreed to raise taxes, er, revenue, as part of an agreement to avoid the looming fiscal cliff, liberals appear to have decided that there really isn’t a need to [....]

A Tax Hit For The 113th Congress
by Andrew Moylan,
November, 2012
     A host of tax provision expirations at the end of 2012, the recent presidential election, and the mounting cost and complexity of our nation’s tax code have combined to make fundamental tax reform a real possibility for the first time in more than two decades. As a result, conservatives both in public policy organizations and in Congress have been sketching out the framework for an overhaul that would eliminate distorting preferences, lower statutory marginal tax rates, and address uncertainty surrounding perennially extended tax provisions that need permanent resolution.
     Conservative taxpayer organizations and think tanks like the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Tax Reform, the Heritage Foundation, and the Tax Foundation believe that Congress should work to broaden the tax base and lower rates in a revenue-neutral fashion, much the way the landmark 1986 overhaul was achieved. While not perfect, the Reagan-era tax code modifications simplified the system substantially and provided a much better [....]
Mimicking Breivik in Poland
by Ben West,
November 29, 2012
Poland's Internal Security Agency announced Nov. 20 that it had arrested "Brunon K," a chemistry professor at the Agricultural University in Krakow who allegedly planned to attack the lower house of the Polish parliament. The arrest came Nov. 9, just two days before Warsaw's annual Independence Day parade, which authorities believe could have been another target. During the arrest, authorities seized ammonium nitrate fertilizer, high-powered, military-grade explosive RDX and other bomb-making equipment. They also seized several hundred rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a pistol.
Presumably, the suspect in question is Dr. Brunon Kwiecien, who has published multiple chemistry papers at the Agricultural University in Krakow, according to a Polish academic directory. Kwiecien openly espoused anti-government views and accused the Polish government and the European Commission of tyranny. Specifically, he condemned the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which has angered Internet freedom activists in Europe.
Kwiecien is also a self-proclaimed supporter of Norwegian ultranationalist terrorist Anders Breivik, who conducted a successful lone wolf attack in Oslo in 2011. Indeed, tactically Kwiecien's plot against the Polish government resembled Breivik's in many ways. But his was only the latest, certainly not the last, thwarted terrorist attack in Europe, where similar plots can [....]
Mimicking Breivik in Poland | Stratfor
Part 2 MAY follow....



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