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The Sunday 'Report;' 02/03/2013; Part 3

What the National Pamphleteers don't Report:
Why Every Responsible American Should Turn Their Daughter into a Man
by Scottie Hughes
January 28, 2013
Raising a daughter is tricky enough. Last week, the job of all American parents became much more complicated. Not only do parents of daughters have to worry about dates to the dance, mean girls on the playground, or making sure their daughters have good academic discipline but now parents also have to worry about the idea that if there ever is a national draft again, their daughter might just have the opportunity to sit in a foxhole, wet, cold and muddy, gripping the steel of an M-4 in her chapped hands, waiting to kill or be killed.
As a responsible parent, one can’t help but wonder if there’s something they should be doing to prepare for such a scenario?
Should mothers now trade out Barbies for GI Joes? Instead of dressing up as a Princess should they encourage drills to get their girls in and out of protective armor? Should fathers start thinking about hand-to-hand combat training just in case their daughter’s rifle jams instead of playing tea party?
In high school, rather than wishing for girls to become Homecoming Queens, parent might prefer their daughters to hit the gridiron with the football team. These young ladies need to be ready to fight. A responsible parent needs to [....]
Keep on Truckin'
by Charles Payne,
January 26, 2013
    The ability of women to participate in combat is a wonderful accomplishment. I come from a long line of women that were fighters against amazing odds, they got the job done. I'm more concerned with the gutless men and women in Washington that will not do the right thing no matter how dire the final outcome is from each day wasted. Sure, we are settling into a "feel good" era now where backers of the President toss out superlatives about a job market that saw 8 million human beings flee, and GOP lawmakers keep caving on things they used to fight tooth and nail over. Yes, bring on the women into combat, and while we're at it, bring on people not afraid to fight on principle and lose.
    Mediocrity is the benchmark for which we measure ourselves, making the slightest gain breath-taking and even modest improvement monumental. I think individuals sitting on the fence for a long time have finally succumbed to this reality as well. They are coming back to the market as it's the only game in town (along with hard assets) knowing they have to offset higher taxes and a future dollar that will be flaccid and virtually worthless. There is no choice. Those that think this is [....]

obamaKare Will Cost Aging Smokers Big Bucks
by Sam Rolley,
Personal Liberty Digest
January 28, 2013
A little-discussed provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill could allow insurers to charge American smokers premiums up to 50 percent higher than those paid by nonsmokers.
According to The Associated Press, beginning Jan. 1, insurers will have the option of charging older smokers additional insurance fees that would add thousands to their yearly health insurance costs. A 50-year-old smoker would likely pay nearly $4,250 in additional fees each year. At 60, the cost would rise to $5,100.
Younger smokers would also be [....]

15 Lies of Liberalism
by John Hawkins,
January 26, 2013
Liberalism offers up a utopian vision of the world and then invites its practitioners to feel good about themselves for embracing it. Not only does this beautiful fantasy world never come to pass, liberalism fails to address the root causes of the problems it sets out to solve while creating whole new disasters in the process. In other words, it's a never ending circle. There's a problem, liberalism is offered up as the solution, it doesn't work and creates more problems, for which liberalism is offered up as the solution, etc., etc., etc. until you're starving, bankrupt, or your society is tearing itself apart at the seams.
Liberalism says that....
1)'s all about choice -- unless you want to choose which gun or lightbulb to use, which school your child will attend, or you’d prefer more freedom and smaller government.
2) cares about the environment, when in practice, not only do liberals like Al Gore live some of the most resource-wasting and ostentatious lifestyles on the planet, but they hurt the environment by blocking environmentally friendly energy production here in favor of energy sources from nations that care little about pollution.
3) can have lots of free government services and somebody else will pay for them. The trillion dollar deficit we're running every year that will have to be paid back says otherwise. [....]

Guns, Smoke And Islam
by John Myers,
Personal Liberty Digest,
January 23, 2013
“All warfare is based on deception.”
The Art of War, Chinese General Sun Tzu,
6th century B.C.
    Barack Obama implemented last week 23 executive orders that strike at the heart of the 2nd Amendment. On Monday, he took his second solemn and public oath as the President of the United States.
The good news: The President knows he cannot pry our guns away from us unless it is from “our cold, dead hands.”*
The bad news: Our freshly [....]

Woman Arrested While Refusing Smart Meter Installation
by Liz Klimas,
January 24, 2013
Jennifer Stahl has been a strong advocate against the smart meter program in Naperville, Ill., for the last two years. The issue came to a head Wednesday afternoon when she was arrested while refusing to let the utility workers install the controversial device.
“I was protecting my property,” Stahl said in an interview with TheBlaze Thursday afternoon. “I felt my emotion was like a momma bear protecting her babies.”
Stahl was at a friend’s house when she received the call from her husband that the utility workers had arrived. She was home within 15 minutes and saw they were at a neighbor’s house. Her neighbors were not home, but they had signs stating they did not permit the new meter to be installed.
Stahl said she waited on her porch for the workers [....]

Will obamaKare Go the Way of Prohibition?
by Julia Shaw,
January 16, 2013
Steve Benen on MSNBC’s “The Maddow Blog” dismisses congressional efforts to repeal all or parts of Obamacare and admonishes conservatives to get with the program. Why? He says Obamacare “is here to stay.”
What makes Obamacare untouchable? Congress considers countless pieces of legislation “to amend” this legislation or that statute. Already, Congress has just repealed Obamacare’s massive long-term care entitlement.
Consider a public policy that was so “settled” it became part of the Constitution.
Ninety-four years ago today, the 18th Amendment was added to the Constitution. It prohibited “the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes.”
The 18th Amendment was enacted with far more support than Obamacare. Congress [....];utm_campaign=012213NCS

Fiscal cliff deal the crony capitalist blowout
Staff Report,
January 3, 2013
    In praising Congress's huge new tax increase, President Obama said Tuesday that "millionaires and billionaires" will finally "pay their fair share." That is, unless you are a Nascar track owner, a wind-energy company or the owners of StarKist Tuna, among many others who managed to get their taxes reduced in Congress's New Year celebration.
    There's plenty to lament about the capital and income tax hikes, but the bill's seedier underside is the $40 billion or so in tax payoffs to every crony capitalist and special pleader with a lobbyist worth his million-dollar salary. Congress and the White House want everyone to ignore this corporate-welfare blowout, so allow us to shine a light on the merriment. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus got the party started this summer when he said he would subject 75 special-interest tax breaks to a "tax reform" review. That was pretty funny. Nearly every attempt by Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) and others to pare back the list was defeated in a bipartisan rout.
     The Senators even voted down, 14-10, an amendment to list the corporate interests that receive tax perks on a government website. This "tax extenders" bill passed Mr. Baucus's committee, 19-5 (see the table nearby), and then sat waiting until Harry Reid and the White House stuffed it wholesale into the "fiscal cliff" bill. Thus Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow was able to retain [....]

Ferocious, Weak and Crazy: The North Korean Strategy
by George Friedman,
January 29, 2013
North Korea's state-run media reported Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the country's top security officials to take "substantial and high-profile important state measures," which has been widely interpreted to mean that North Korea is planning its third nuclear test. Kim said the orders were retaliation for the U.S.-led push to tighten U.N. sanctions on Pyongyang following North Korea's missile test in October. A few days before Kim's statement emerged, the North Koreans said future tests would target the United States, which North Korea regards as its key adversary along with Washington's tool, South Korea.
North Korea has been using the threat of tests and the tests themselves as weapons against its neighbors and the United States for years. On the surface, threatening to test weapons does not appear particularly sensible. If the test fails, you look weak. If it succeeds, you look dangerous without actually having a deliverable weapon. And the closer you come to having a weapon, the more likely someone is to attack you so you don't succeed in actually getting one. Developing a weapon in absolute secret would seem to make more sense. When the weapon is ready, you display it, and you have something solid to threaten enemies with.
North Korea, of course, has been [....]
Ferocious, Weak and Crazy: The North Korean Strategy | Stratfor

Couple Faces Jail Time for Saving Baby Deer’s Life (VIDEO)
by Daniel Dew,
January 30, 2013
An Indiana couple is facing up to 60 days in jail and $2,000 in fines for saving a deer from death. Jeff Counceller, a police officer, and his wife Jennifer spotted an injured baby deer on their neighbor’s porch. Instead of turning a blind eye to the dying fawn, the Councellers took the deer in and nursed it back to health.
They kept the deer, Little Orphan Dani, in their backyard as it recovered. Everything was fine until an Indiana Conservation Officer spotted Little Orphan Dani in the Councellers’ yard. The Councellers were charged with unlawful possession of a deer, a misdemeanor offense.
The day that Little Orphan Dani was to be euthanized by [....]

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