Thursday, March 28, 2013

This'n'That; March Twenty-Eighth #2; The Funniest!

One of the Funniest "Drunks," EVER!!
    When I was a kid, my parents liked to watch various tv variety shows like Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Jackie Gleason, Carol Burnett....  most of which, you've never heard of!  One of my personal favorites who routinely guested on the aforementioned shows was Foster Brooks.  A hel-u-va comic was he, with his schtick as a drunk in various occupations!! 

Foster Brooks on 'The Dean Martin Show,' as a drunken airline pilot:

Foster Brooks at the dedication of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library:

Foster Brooks on his in-laws:

Foster Brooks 'roasting' Dean Martin:

Foster Brooks 'roasting' Betty White:

Foster Brooks 'roasting' Don Rickles:
Comments, anyone?
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