Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This'n'That; March Thirtieth #2; More Slime!

The 'Battle' For First Place....!
    Have you heard the audio of 'Chuckie-Cheese' Schumer?  That audio--the 'instructional' one--where Chuckie is telling new owe-bamacRATs, via a conference call, how to refer to the republicRATs when speaking with reporters.  Ever the vigilant one, 'Chuckie-Cheese' was unaware that reporters were already 'on the line,' listening to his "lesson."   Besides the reporters, the members of the group being 'instructed' were owe-bamacRAT Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.  The primary instruction: that anyone speaking with the press, always refer to republicRAT budget cuts as 'extreme.'  "I always use 'extreme,'" Schumer said; "That's what the caucus instructed me to use."

{*}I'm sure things like the caucus instructions happen on a regular basis.
I'm sure this will affirm and confirm any suspicions the public has about 'Chuckie-Cheese' Schumer being a member of the 'Slimy Politicians' coalition.
I'm sure Schumer and any other owe-bamacRAT will whine, bitch and moan about any budget change that involves less spending; less power! 
I'm unsure this was actually an 'accidental leak' to the listening National Pamphleteer corps.
I'm unsure who will emerge as the front-runner in the owe-bamacRAT 'race-to-the-top' of the "Slimiest Politician" list: "Clown Prince" owe-bama, 'Chuckie-Cheese' Schumer, 'Pinkie' Reid, "Plug" biden, Nancy PORKlosi,  'General' Holder, George Soros, et al!!  Practically all owe-bamacRAT politicians and supporters qualify for the contest.
Til Nex'Time....{*}
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