Thursday, September 8, 2011

This'n'That; September Eighth #2; Jobs Redux!

MY Advice To "Clown Prince ZERO-bama The Narcissistic:"

    "Clownie," let's have a look at how this regime, your reign got so far into this hole:  In a single phrase, socio-fascism!!  Since your immaculation in early 2009, you've tried PORKulus; you've tried buying two-thirds of the American auto industry; you've tried bailing out the financial sector; you've tried promoting the 'green' jobs sector; you've tried to placate the geriatric set with several one-time payments; you've tried paying customers to buy electric cars from YOUR auto companies, et al.  You've spent multiple trillions-of-dollars and what'cha got to show for it?!?  Nothing more than "A DEEPER HOLE!!"

    "Clownie," can't you see that listening to these socio-fascists is tantamount to seeking failure?!?  Absolutely nothing you've tried had a prayer of succeeding, simply by definition!!  Tonight, you're to blather-forth about your partial-plan to stimulate federal 'jobs growth.'   These incremental 'suggestions' will not garner you any friends in any econo-political sector you can name: the welfareRATs, the owe-bamacRATics, the republicRATics, the big-businessmen, the small-businessmen, those evil rich, the middleclass, the poor (as distinguished from the welfareRATs), the illegal aliens, etc, et al.

    "Clownie," everybody on the planet knows the real reason for this 'urgent' necessity to blather at a joint session of Congress, you ain't foolin' nobody!!  This 'urgency' is so important that it's taken you (since your immaculation) 32 months, or 137 weeks, or 962 days, or 23,088 hours, or 1,385,280 minutes, or 83,116,800 seconds to come up with what you consider a relevant plan to create jobs.  You--SIR--are an idiot if you think the federal government can create the first private-sector job!!  This too ain't possible-BY DEFINITION!!  The reason being:  the federal government--government at any level--has no money that was not first confiscated from another.  For example, to create a $30,000 job, the government must first confiscate more than $30,000 from another/others, lest we forget the administrative expenses of creation; the 'greasing of the union palm' as it were.

    Sorry "Clownie," I kinda got side-tracked away from your 'real reason;' your on-going "sound-bite" campaign.  I suspect your upcoming bluster will generate the usual communists giving you a 'standing-owe,' while those with "Tea Party" principles will rightfully 'sit-on-their-hands!  Of course, the viewers will be subjected to the cheers, without the jeers!  If you get any applause at all from the "Tea Party" principled, you can 'sound-bite' it as bi-partisan support for your rediculous proposals; if not, you'll be able to 'sound-bite' those evil "Tea Party" principled members as obstructing your plan to 'fix the economy.'

  Finally "Clownie," I--as well as the majority of voting America--see you as a "one hit wonder" and will work hard to insure that outcome!!
Til Nex'Time....  



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