Thursday, September 8, 2011

This'n'That; September Eighth #1; Jobs!?!

Just Another Blusterful Blather Opportunity
FUBO - Doggie Tank Top
    A love of all things, microphone; a love of all things, teleprompter; a love of all things, control; a love of all things, socio-fascist are the primary drivers of the current American ruler.  "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama The Narcissistic, has but to be shown a teleprompter to get the 'blathering juices' flowing!
FUBO - Joe Wilson "You Lie" on a red t-shirt
    To that end, the "Clown Prince" will present an incomplete concept of federal jobs creation.  We're expected to be satisfied with a presentation of this fragmented, piecemeal plan while his handlers (read: George Soros and Valarie Jarrett) work to formulate the future details based on internal barackingham Palace polling results.  Is "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama The Narcissistic, just continuing a line-of-thought to placate the masses, or will this--and if so, it will be A FIRST--be a unique presentation based on what will actually work:  the federal government getting out of the way of small businesses; cut taxes to free investment capital; reduce regulatory overbearance to allow said small businesses to flourish?!?  My bet is that the Saul Alinsky aligned; the Frank Marshall Davis mentored; the domestic bomber-Bill Ayers partnered socio-fascist will prevail!  Prepare yourselves to hear that unworkable, unenforceable phrase: "over-ten-years!"  This does little more than push responsibility for any tax changes, spending changes to a future Congress--and by definition--is unenforceable!
Anti Obama - Hope Aint Hiring
Be prepared to be placated; be prepared to be pandered-to!!

Til Nex'Time....
From FUBOwear: Poopin' dog; You Lie.
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