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This'n'That; September Seventh #1; They're SCARED!

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We Got 'em On The Run!!
    What other reason can there be?  The socio-fascist left is scared!  Probably not since the original Tea Party of 1773 has the body-politic been as frightened of public dissent as they are today.  All manner of private and public officials have taken to the microphone; to the stage; to the fundraiser; to the picnic, to denounce an organization whose sole purpose is to put American 'back on track' by a closer adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

    "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama has scored a trifecta-plus-one with various public derisions of the "Tea Party" movement by his political party members and supporters--to say nothing of his very own vice presidential choice--to wit:

*Maxine Waters--a 35-year California state and federal politicial hack--who stated, "This is a tough game.  You can't be intimidated.  And as far as I'm concerned-the Tea Party can go straight to hell."
*Andre' Carson--an Indianapolis, rookie political hack--who stated, "Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us [negros] as second-class citizens.... Some of them in Congress right now with this tea party movement would love to see you and me [the negro].... hanging on a tree." 
*James P. Hoffa (not to be confused with his father: James R. Hoffa)--who's only 'claim to fame' is his last name, which provides a highly paid, highly placed union hack job--who stated, "Everybody here has got a vote.... If we go back and keep the eye on the prize.  Let's take these 'son-of-a-bitches' [the Tea Party movement members] out and give America back to America where we belong." 
*V.P. joe "Hairplug" biden--first among these thugs for the throne--during a Cincinnati 'Organized Labor' Day celebration stated, "This is a fight for the heart and soul of the labor movement.  This is a fight for our very right to exist.  Don't misunderstand what this is.  Not a joke, not a joke.  Not an applause line.  You are the only folks keeping the barbarians [the "Tea Party" movement members] at the gates.  You are the only non-governmental power, the only non-governmental power.  The only one that has the power and capacity to stop this onslaught."

    With these four--among others--lie the kerfuffle facing ZERO-bama:  He has yet to condemn any one of these examples of the 'hate speech' he decried during the 'Giffords shooting and campaign kickoff,' where he demanded we temper the political blatherings and refrain from said 'hate speech.'  Ms Waters made her comments on August 22nd, while ZERO-bama was on his monthly family vacation; Mr Carson made his comments while ZERO-bama was managing Hurricane Irene--you know, lowering the level of the seas!!  Mr Hoffa made his comments while introducing "Clown Prince" ZERO-bama at one of his ubiquitous fundraisers, this time in association with a Detroit 'Organized Labor' Day IBT union picnic.  It is beyond any logical reasoning that ZERO-bama can justify this siding with the thuggery being promoted by the aforementioned miscreants!
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    Started with the election drubbing owe-bamacRATics suffered in November, 2010, barackingham Palace has been conducting it's own internal polling.  Since the start, ZERO-bama's numbers have been dropping like a brick!!  Those inquiries conducted by the likes of Scott Rasmussen of, have likewise indicated a steady drop as well, to a current presidential daily tracking poll result of -22 (22% strongly approve; 44% strongly disapprove).
    It's assumed any existing polling results do not break out those "Tea Party" movement members who are also members of the various labor, service and public employee unions.
Although I'm sure my congressperson, Miz Dorothy "Geeze-Louise" McIntosh Rodham Slaughter will deny my request, I'm contacting her today to demand she not attend the upcoming blusterful blather opportunity on jobs by "Clown PrinceZERO-bama!!
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