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This'n'That; October Twenty-First #2; Misery

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owe-bama Gains In One Statistic!
    Most of the teenies; tweenies and twenties have never heard of "The Misery Index!"  This statistic was devised by President Johnson advisor, Arthur Okun, in the 1960s.  It's mearly the addition of the current--regime adjusted and approved--unemployment rate (U-3) and the current inflation rate.
    There's at least one site with which to research the history of The Misery Index has statistics from January, 1948 to the most current information available (September,2011).  Some notable numbers:
Some numbers by presidency:
The lowest Misery Index thus far:  2.97 (July, 1953)
The highest Misery Index thus far:  21.98 (June, 1980)
The Misery Index, start of owe-bama Regime: 7.83 (January, 2009)
The Misery Index, end of owe-bama year one:  12.33 (January, 2010)
The Misery Index, end of owe-bama year two:  10.63 (January, 2011)
The Misery Index, owe-bama regime latest total:  12.97 (September, 2011)

Some presidential 'record holders:'
Harry S. Truman13.63-earliest #s-(Jan, 1948); 3.28 (Jan, 1953) Way Dn 63%
Dwight D. Eisenhower: 3.28 (Jan, 1953); 8.31 (Jan, 1961) Way, Way Up 253%
John F. Kennedy:  8.31 (Jan, 1961); 7.02 (Nov, 1963) Dn 15%
Lyndon B. Johnson:  7.02 (Nov, 1963); 7.80 (Jan, 1969) Up 11%
Richard M. Nixon:  7.80 (Jan, 1969); 17.01 (July, 1974) Way Up! 118%
Gerald S. Ford:  17.01 (July, 1974); 12.72 (Jan, 1977) Dn 25%
Jimmuh Cahtah:  12.72 (Jan, 1977); 19.33 (Jan, 1981) Way Up! 52%
"Ronaldus-Magnus:"  19.33 (Jan, 1981);  10.07 (Jan, 1989) Way Dn! 42%
George H.W. Bush:  10.07 (Jan, 1989); 10.56 (Jan, 1993) Up 05%
"Slick-Willie" Clinton:  10.56 (Jan, 1993); 7.93 (Jan, 2001) Dn 25%
George W. Bush:  7.93 (Jan, 2001); 7.83 (Jan, 2009) Dn 02%
ZERO-bama: 7.83 (Jan, 2009); 12.97 (Sep, 2011) Way Up! 69%

President Eisenhower holds 'the record' for the lowest Misery Index at 2.97;
President Cahtah holds 'the record' for the highest Misery Index at 21.98, way to go democRATs!!
President Eisenhower holds 'the record' for raising the Misery Index by the greatest percentage:  253%!
President Truman holds 'the record' for reducing the Misery Index by the greatest percentage: 63%
President Truman holds 'the record' for reducing the Misery Index by the greatest number: 10.35 points.
President Nixon holds 'the record' for increasing the Misery Index by the greatest number: 9.21 points.

Til Nex'Time....
    REMEMBERGeorge Soros and "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" have another fifteen months to go..... any bets on the final number; on the final percentage?!?



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