Monday, June 4, 2012

This'n'That June Fourth #2; We ALL Count!!

Help Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Win His Recall Election
[Hi folks:  The information below came in an email from the "Tea Party" type organization I belong to, "We Surround Rochester (NY)."  You--no matter which state you live in--can join in the effort to aid Governor Walker in his upcoming recall election!!] 
Fellow Patriots:

When the call came out to help Scott Brown, New York Patriots answered the call. It is that time again - Scott Walker needs our help.  NY understand the constant push back from the Unions…YOU have a chance to show the Country that New Yorkers are NOT going to take it anymore.  We are all aware how important the Scott Walker election is to our Nation – if Wisconsin looses, all of America looses. Here are a few ways you can help STOP the unions from making decisions for the citizens of Wisconsin.
The steps are easy and all you need is a computer and a phone.
You need to register and set up a personal account on the Scott Walker System:
-To start go to
-Click on ‘Call from Home’ link
-Click on ‘Create an Account’. You can log in with your facebook account. (I created an account to keep both separated.)
-Enter your name, an email address, & a password. Click ‘Sign Up’.
-Next enter your zip code, state, and county; then click on the ‘Start!’ button. You will be prompted to go and check for a welcome email to verify your email address. Click on the link in that email. You’ll be automatically redirected back to your Dashboard page.
-Dashboard Page is your home base. Here you can edit your profile, recruit friends, join a group and communicate with others in the group. Please join our NY State group by clicking on the ‘Groups’ link, click ‘Join One Now’, click on ‘New Groups’ and join the “NY for Scott Walker” group. Let's show the rest of the Country that NY is a strong tea party state.
Once registered go to the main website (from Dashboard orhttp://www.scottwalke...)
-Click ‘Make Calls from Home’
-Click second box and sign in to make calls. The system will direct you along the next steps.
-Dial the voter’s number at the top To block your number, dial *67 before you dial each voter’s number. Choose the Talk Script or the Voicemail Script tab when the phone call is answered by a person or by voice mail.

‘Talk Script’: Hello, this is ________ and I’m a volunteer calling with a very brief survey about some issues that matter to Wisconsin. (go right into questions, do not pause)
1. Do you approve or disapprove of the job Scott Walker is doing as Governor?
Approve Disapprove Undecided Refused
2. If a recall election were held for Governor Scott Walker today, would you vote to remove him from office, or would you vote to keep him in office?
Remove from Office Keep in Office Undecided
(After Reading Questions, Please Read this Closing) "The Democrats running against Governor Walker have recently pledged to increase your taxes. Governor Walker has kept his promise to the people of Wisconsin by lowering your property taxes and eliminating the 3.6 billion dollar budget deficit. The Governor’s bold reforms have laid the foundation for a bright future and are moving Wisconsin forward. This call was paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer."

    After each Call: Please mark the appropriate responses to the questions and click mark the ‘Record Responses’ button. If you get Voicemail, click on the Voicemail Script tab, read the script, and click the ‘Record Response’ at the bottom of the screen.
For other situations, use one of the buttons to the right of the scripts:
‘Busy/No Answer’ (also use if voter isn’t home)
‘Wrong Number’
To keep calling, dial the next voter’s number when it appears at the top of your screen.
Click the ‘Stop Phonebanking’ buttons when you’re done calling.
Phone banking ideas:
    You can Call 5 minutes a day from your home on the online phone bank or better yet, organize a fun Calling Party with some of your friends at a home that has wireless remote. This is easy and effective--everyone brings their cell phone and laptop/tablet and together you make calls for one to two hours and enjoy some camaraderie and team support. Heck you can make a real party and have snacks available. Do a calling party on a Saturday morning Calling Parties, 10 to noon, with pastries, bagels, coffee and tea. Together we can make thousands of calls, just like the Dems and Unions are doing. It IS up to all Patriots to help.
    Let’s help Scott Walker win the June 5 recall election. Governor Walker has made tough decisions that have saved taxpayers more than one billion dollars, saved jobs and created a business-friendly environment in Wisconsin. Let's take back America by supporting him!
Til Nex'Time....



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