Thursday, August 16, 2012

This'n'That; August Sixteenth #2; Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling: What A Guy!

    On the Wednesday Edition (08/15) of "The Five," one of the features was the lady in Philadelphia who was donating her own time to conduct 'food give-aways' to benefit the poor kids in her neighborhood.  Most ALL of members of "The Five" thought the actions of the City of Philadelphia were deplorable!!  Said city--actually, the Chester Township zoning board--was subjecting the lady--a Ms Angela Prattis--to $600 PER DAY, fines for acting without a permit.  Not only that, Ms Prattis must also 'fess-up' up to $1,000 in 'administrative fees' to obtain the necessary permitting.

Angela Pettis
    The all-around nice-guy that he is, Eric Bolling of "The Five" intends to donate said $1,000 from all the hosts, to Ms Pettis and on-air, asked the show's floor directors and/or it's producers to find an address where he could mail the check!!
Eric Bolling of "The Five"
   I gotta tell'ya.... It jis don't get no better'n'at (better tha n th at-it's the way I actually talk!)!!
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