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The Sunday 'Report;' 12/02/2012 [Part 3]

What The National Pamphleteers Don't Report:
Beware of Gifts And Grand Bargains
by Charles Payne,
November 17, 2012
The stock market continues to send a message to Washington that it's not going to tolerate a protracted battle over the fiscal cliff. Memories of the debt ceiling battle, which ironically gave birth to this fiasco, are haunting investors.

The year began with gusto with the Dow coming into 2011 at 11,569, and moving mostly straight up to 12,724 by July 21. Then anxiety overcame the market. There was talk of America not paying its bills. There was talk of America not providing vital services. There was talk of disaster and calamity. The talk turned into screams.

July 31, an agreement is reached; August 2, agreement signed into law by President Obama;
August 5, S&P downgrades America's debt rating from AAA (the Dow closed earlier at 11,444); August 8, the market opens to a bloodbath finishing the session at 10,802

The rest of the summer was marked by violent volatility in stocks, anger and confusion on Main Street and Wall Street. The market didn't come out of it until a dip on November 23 left the Dow at 11,257 after the index dipped down to 10,655 in October.

According to Gallup, 71% of Americans are following [....]

NBC Whistles Past The Rude Rap
by Brent Bozelle,
November 24, 2012
    On Monday, November 19, NBC’s “Access Hollywood” asked if the sex that suffuses our TV, our movies, our music, and our social media is “too much, too soon” for children. Could it be more blatantly obvious?
The irony was thick. On that same Monday, on that same NBC network, the “Today” show brought on the rapper Flo Rida to perform live on national television. NBC’s Natalie Morales touted how he would “warm up the chilly plaza.” The rapper uncorked his song “Whistle” as young girls mouthed the words on camera.
The song is about oral sex.
    Flo Rida – in a very thinly disguised way – is asking for fellatio. “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me know / Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it, and we start real slow / You just put your lips together, And you come real close.” This “musician” holding up a whistle on TV doesn’t mean he’s playing Gym Teacher for a Day.
     There were no bleeps as he continued with these lyrics:
“I'm a damn shame, order more champagne, pull a damn hamstring / Tryin-a put it on ya, bet your lips spin back around corner / Slow it down baby, take a little longer.”
The song doesn’t sound menacing, like a shoot-first gangsta-rap song. It’s bouncy with whistling, so perhaps an NBC viewer who’s half-watching or half-witted wouldn’t get the gist at all. But this song was a double-platinum number-one single, coursing through the i-Pods of young children across America and the world. They get it. 
NBC promoted [....]

obama's Three Strikes
by Elliot Abrams,
November 14, 2012
During his Wednesday press conference, President Obama made three comments on foreign policy that deserve attention, because they are inadvertently revealing.
First, when asked about the Petraeus scandal, he replied “I have no evidence at this point, from what I’ve seen, that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security.”
The assumption we all make, and that the law makes, is that unauthorized disclosure of classified information is wrong. Because Mr. Obama is a lawyer who prides himself on his mastery of English, we have to assume he deliberately acknowledged here that classified information has been disclosed. He just doesn’t want to admit it flat out, or admit that what was disclosed was would have a “negative impact” on national security.” Watch for future news, then, about disclosure of classified information.
Second, when asked about Benghazi he replied [....]

Feds Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Email
Video Report,
November 21, 2012
HR2471,like a snake,is slithering up to the “moderate”Democrat Patrick Leahy’s Judicial Senate Committee,to be voted on November 29th. Patrick Leahy has rewritten this electronic “privacy”bill to instead allow the Feds,local law enforcement,and literally any local or federal entity to read any electronic communication—email,private Facebook Posts,Twitter direct messages,Google Docs,etc.—without a warrant.
Isn’t there something called the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution? Something about privacy?
Who needs the Constitution when Barack Hussein Obama can take care of everyone’s needs?
Will America fight back against this unconstitutional power grab?
Time will tell.

obama's Soviet Mistake
by Xavier Lerma,
November 19, 2012
Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.
obama's Treasonous Conspiracy
After Obama was elected [....]

4 Reasons The GOP Would Be Foolish To Dump Social Issues
by John Hawkins,
November 24, 2012
Win, lose or draw, we're always supposedly hitting a tipping point where social issues just no longer work for the Republican Party. At first glance, this would appear to be a rather puzzling sentiment. After all, in 2010, despite the fact that the GOP was just as socially conservative as we were this year, the Republican Party had its best year in half a century. Furthermore, in 2008 and 2012, the GOP lost despite running moderate candidates who were soft on social issues and who barely brought them up at all. If anything, you'd think that seeing two non-social conservatives like McCain and Romney go down in flames should start to make Republicans wonder if we're not pushing social issues enough instead of the reverse, but if people were thinking about it logically in the first place, everyone would realize that it is a terrible idea to dump social issues right off the bat.
1) How would we replace all the votes we lose? It's highly ironic that you hear people claim that social conservatives aren't fiscally conservative, right before they urge us to purge them from the party. After all, if [....]

50 Charts That Explain Why We’re Headed Toward ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’
by Becket Adams,
November 23, 2012
Marc Faber, noted investor and author of “The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report,” has long held a pessimistic view of the global economy (they call him “Dr. Doom” for a reason).
But, you know, Faber’s pessimism may not be without reason. Perhaps things really are as bad as he says they are.
The following are 50 charts from Marc Faber that help explain why he thinks we’re headed toward “market meltdowns” and “massive wealth destruction”: [....]

Can America Handle The Truth?
Staff Report,
November 24, 2012
     The United States of America is at a tipping point. It is past time we are told the truth and begin to solve the problems. The time for false hopes,hugs,and feel-good can-kicking is over. The talk is all about the ‘fiscal cliff’ and whether or not we can figure out a bipartisan solution to the economic realities that are going to happen sooner rather than later. The Benghazi scandal and the true motives of abandoning our own brave Americans in a time of need are undergoing a huge whitewash. The number of Americans on food stamps is at a record-breaking high of nearly 50 million and growing. The number of Americans who are un- or under-employed is now at 23 million,and the statistics are always shaded to favor those in power. When ObamaCare kicks in fully beginning now (after the election – how convenient),it will be exposed as the most dishonest 2700 pages of bull excrement that has ever been passed by our Congress;and that is a very challenging order. That bill alone will send us off into fiscal collapse. But can America handle the real truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth?
    If the phony stimulus and fiat money counterfeiting schemes by Helicopter Ben Bernanke and his equally culpable cronies at the Fed were not allowed to influence the GDP,we would realize that we have been in a depression (not even a recession) for the last four years. Reality check:we have been lied to about the severity of our economic situation. Both parties are culpable. We have been serially deceived and now-addled dopers addicted to the drug of debt heaped on future generations. We cannot continue to borrow our way out of debt any more than a person can drink themselves sober. Yet,we continue to ignore reality. The truth,unlike the political agendas of all politicians,has no agenda. It is what it is. And yet we are continually bombarded with misleading data from the ruling class and their compliant hacks in the media. This is simple high school math,not politics. When exponential spending is happening faster than revenue growth,a fiscal dead-end is just around the next curve in the road. Reality also is what it is.
    Americans are polarized and divided as never before in the [....]

Yahoo Email-Stealing Exploit Fetches $700
by Brian Krebs,
November 23, 2012
A zero-day vulnerability in that lets attackers hijack Yahoo! email accounts and redirect users to malicious Web sites offers a fascinating glimpse into the underground market for large-scale exploits.
The exploit, being sold for $700 by an Egyptian hacker on an exclusive cybercrime forum, targets a “cross-site scripting” (XSS) weakness in that lets attackers steal cookies from Yahoo! Webmail users. Such a flaw would let attackers send or read email from the victim’s account. In a typical XSS attack, an attacker sends a malicious link to an unsuspecting user; if the user clicks the link, the script is executed, and can access cookies, session tokens or other sensitive information retained by the browser and used with that site. These scripts can even rewrite the content of the HTML page.
The hacker posted the following video to demonstrate the exploit for potential buyers. I’ve reproduced it and published it to youtube. [....]

Herbert Hoover Obama?
by Larry Kudlow,
November 28, 2012
Once again, President Obama dodged the key fiscal-cliff issues at a campaign rally/press conference Wednesday morning. Campaign-style, he argued that the middle-class tax cuts (below $250,000) must be renewed in order to prevent a $2,200 average tax hike from hitting middle-class folks. He added that a middle-class tax hike would cost consumers $200 billion in spending power.
Okay, fine. But no one wants to raise middle-class taxes. That’s not the issue. And even if those numbers are right, they dodge one of the key points in the dialogue between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. Namely, what to do about top income-tax rates, which include capital gains, dividends, and inheritance taxes?
The president once again avoided the term “tax rate” in his latest round of fiscal-cliff comments. He basically said, Let’s get this done before Christmas in a fair and balanced way. But what is balance?

Speaker Boehner, in a Republican concession, is willing to cap upper-end deductions, a move that would produce several hundred billion dollars in new revenues while preserving marginal-tax-rate growth incentives, including those for successful small-business owners.
 Obama did refer to a Senate Democratic bill that would raise top tax rates while leaving everything else in place. Question is, is Obama rebuffing the Boehner offer? That’s key to a [....]

Obama Abandons Arab Moderates
We need stronger support for democrats and real condemnations of Islamist despotism.
by Elliot Abrams,
November 27, 2012
There is a battle under way in every Arab country between moderate forces, which seek progress toward real democracy, and Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood groups or affiliates, which seek power so that they can begin the process of imposing their views. As we have just seen in Egypt, when these latter get power they use it.
It would seem obvious that the United States has a great interest in seeing moderate forces prevail. Those forces — consisting often of groups that are liberal and secular, or moderate and non-Brotherhood Islamic groups, or religious minorities such as Christians or Druze — are natural allies of the United States and look to our Constitution and political values as guides. Moreover, their struggle is by no means doomed. In Egypt’s presidential election last June, the Brotherhood won only by the margin of 51 percent to 48; the victor’s power grab has instigated widespread protests; and moderates won in the Libyan elections.
The second-worst mistake the United States [....]

More Kids Looking at Libertarian Party Over GOP
by "Bungalow Bill,"
December 1, 2012
    Driving home every day, I noticed one of the high school kids in the neighborhood changed his pro-Republican bumper sticker reading "Republicans, we go to work so you don't have to" on the back of his car to a simple black sticker with the word "Libertarian". This happened a few weeks before the election.
    I finally had the chance to speak with the young man about why the change.
His answer was concise. "The Republican party is moving in the wrong direction." He continued to tell me how the GOP has moved too far to the left and doesn't fight for our freedoms.
    This is coming from a [....]
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