Thursday, March 1, 2012

This'n'That; March First #1; owe-bama LITE?!?

Romney Win Reveals Revisions
    On Tuesday, 'Mitt' Romney eeked out a win in one of his home states, Michigan and a handy win in Arizona.  The week previous, Mr Romney revised the tax portion of his 59-point economic revival plan.  The unrevised plan would have left most tax rates unchanged and would at some future point, move to a flatter, fairer tax code.
    The revised tax plan will accelerate his timetable toward 'fairness.'
Under the new plan:

*Lower the current top rate from 35% to 28%, and
*Reduce the mid-level rate from 25% to 20%, and
*Reduce the lowest rate from 10% to 8%, and
*Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM).

    There's a few owe-bamaesque problems with Mr Romney's revised tax plan.  Primary of which is the proposed changes will result to an increase in the over-all deficit by $3.4 TRILLION over-ten-years.  
Does 'Mitt' Romney have some newly found 'screws, loose?!?'
Hey.... 'Mitt' baby.... the objective here is to eliminate the failed socio-fascist policies of "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist," NOT enhance them!!
     I have a couple of intertwined points that should be considered by all current GOP candidates.  It's a given that the federal welfare system has evolved into a welfareRAT lifestyle; a welfareRAT career path.  The Founding Fathers used--as but one basis for the Declaration of Independence as well as the United States Constitution--the basic premise of "no taxation without representation;" that all men are created equal-NOT: "Some men are created tax-exempt!"
    I contend that the aforementioned premise be revised to read: "no representation without taxation."  The United States and all it has to offer to those willing to strive to succeed, is for the benefit of everyone in residence.  Everyone in residence should be made to feel apart of the process, apart of the results; not to be made to feel like a lesser individual, like a second-class citizen.  To that end--to truly feel apart of the process--EVERYONE must have 'skin-in-the-game!'  The average welfareRAT household has two cars, air conditioning, big-screen TVs, game consoles, freezers, more than one charge card; they routinely play the MegaMillion and Power Ball lotteries as well as the purchase of multiple scratch-off tickets.  If said welfareRATs can have and do the things I can rarely afford to have and do, they must be subject to the same income tax code that I'm subjected to!!  I'm suggesting to the various GOP candidates that they consider taxing welfare cash as well as in-kind benefits, albeit at a lesser rate.... of say, 5 to 8%.  This would bring said welfareRATs up to the first-class status of being taxpayers; of being contributors to America's greatness; of being a wagon-puller, not a wagon-rider!!
    As it stands today, "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" has forsaken middle class males, middle and upper class women in favor of the 52% of America that are "riding-in-the-wagon," as well as the inevitable labor-union, federal and municipal-union, teachers-union, auto-union and service-union support.  The various union miscreants are free to support whom-ever they wish but it seems patently unfair--if not unconstitutional--that those who don't contribute.... have a say equal to those who're "payin' the freight, here."
"That's my story 'n' I'm stickin' to it!!"
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