Monday, May 7, 2012

This'n'That; May Seventh #1; Biden's Problem

What We DIDN'T Need:
    The "first deputy Under-Clown" Joe "Hairplug" Biden was the 'talking-head' of the day on Sunday's "Meet The (de)Press(ed)."  Of course he'd studied the appropriate pages in the owe-bamacRATic playbook to taylor his responses.  Not only did "Plug" espouse the standard "Clownish" lines, he had the audacity to answer his own question:
"How is he (President Romney) gonna create jobs?"
"He (President Romney) talks about another $2 Trillion in taxcuts for the very wealthy."
"Your [blogger: "You're...."] gonna create jobs?"
"Is that how he's (President Romney) gonna do it?"
    I have a couple of questions for "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist," "Plugbiden, "TurboTax-Tim" geithner, et al:
As a core course, did you ever take and pass, 'Econ-101?!?'
How many times has each of you been hired by a 'poor-person?!?'
My questions speak to the very nature of 'President' Romney's campaign; continued and increased tax relief for the very taxpayers who actually create the jobs, for the very taxpayers who are the backbone of the American economy.  Both individual entrepreneurs and small-business owners create the vast majority of jobs in the United States!

    The current occupants of "barackingham Palace" and Number One Observatory Circle, continue to promote their various 'warfare' persuasions on America's student 'corpse;' on America's young--inexperienced, uneducated--voters as well as the 52% of Americans suckling at the government tit (the 'wagonRIDERS').  One of said 'warfares' is economic-warfare, pitting the do-nothings against the well-to-do in the owe-bambastic world of socio-fascist politics.  With a declining 'follower numbers,' the owe-bamacRATic politicians are at a loss to attract new followers or reinvigorate those fallen-off-the-wagon.  The various 'warfares' are the owe-bamacRATic attempt toward that goal. 

    There are two blatant truisms afoot here:  
The owe-bamacRATics will say-and-do-anything in their attempts to bolster followership;
While 'President' Romney is on the right track in correcting the owe-bamaDepression, he very well have an unsurmountable task of convincing the majority of the aformentioned classes of young voters.
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch!?!
Til Nex'Time....



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