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This'n'That; December Twentieth #1; Around The Web

Important Items From The [Conservative] Web
    These folks are well-spoken so why should I re-write their articles? The first is from the dude or dudette who writes the Reaganite Republican blog:

A Dark Tale from Gun-Controlled Canada For 'Progressive' #Newtown Opportunists
    Of course in the wake of the Newtown school-shooting massacre, we need to be "more like Canada," and obviously the Framers never envisioned today's powerful weapons, huge magazines, nor advanced weapons technology that make such gruesome crimes possible.... right, libs?!?
Got some bad news for you:  not only are strict Canadian guns laws actually starting to be rolled-back.... they certainly don't prevent crazy people from killing dozens of innocents if they're determined enough, and them crazy people can be very determined:.... [....]

....and this one from 'Bungalow Bill' on the subject of drugs as related to the 'Sandy Hook Shooter:'

Adam Lanza Was A Product Of Big Pharma's Psychotropic Drugs
Add Adam Lanza to the list of mentally ill gunmen who created great massacres under the influence of 'Big Pharma.'  We know Big Pharma's concoctions are more likely to make those who take these drugs more violent as one of the side effects.
So, what are we learning about Lanza?  He was indeed a product of  'Big Pharma's' psychotropic drugs.  Lanza has now been reported by mainstream media to indeed be taking the violence-linked anti-psychotic drug known as Fanapt.  While Fanape isn't on Time Magazine's top ten list of drugs most likely to make one violent, it is still known to have side effects like those in the top ten.
Fanapt has a very disturbing history of FDA testing and approval.  It also has a long line of side effects that echo reports that drugs of this nature ultimately lead to suicidal behavior and increased overall aggression.  But the way the system is set up, these side effects are often covered up by the deep pockets of Big Pharma.  Like other things we have seen denied over and over again by the FDA, like the dangerous sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet), which it took Donald Rumsfeld to pull the red tape to get it to market, Fanapt to failed FDA testing many times before someone finally pulled the red tape from the process.  The FDA from the testing [determined that] the drug created "severe problems" in the 500 people it tested including: [....]

    Everyone except most federal, state, county, parish, local, politicians understand the principles of gun restrictions at their individual levels.  Said restrictions only hinder law-abiding citizens from gun-ownership while all miscreants--as well as most in obama's 'taker-class'--know they have a--more-or-less--free hand in their gun violence!!  These several contemplated knee-jerk reactions to the Sandy Hook Tragedy will have little affect beyond placating the socio-fascist obama followers!
    It's not only the obamacRATics creating this atmosphere of 'Kissing Big Pharma's Ass,' the republicRATics have their hand in the process as well.  Normally, I'm one who rails against ANY government involvement in corporate or individual endeavors.  In this case--and all DRUG APPROVAL cases--I'm all for as much red-tape as it takes to insure adequate and thorough testing of said drugs.
Your comments?!?
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