Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This'n'That; October Sixteenth #1; Compromise?!?

How The Hell Did We Get Here?
    How did we get--yet again--to the brink of--as the obamacRATics would have you believe--bringing down the entire planetary economy?  The entire debacle can primarily be laid at the feet of the obamacRATics and old-line democRATics., secondarily at the feet of every member of Congress.
    Federal law and the U.S. Constitution require that a federal budget be constantly in force.  The process usually starts with the president's (or in the current case, the "Clown Prince's") budget proposals to the Congress.  The Congress then--along with the Senate and the House's budget proposals--merges through compromise, the proposals put forth to end with a federal budget.  Said budget is then sent forward for the ruler's approval [disapproval] and signature into law [veto].  This is the point at which the federal government agrees to spend the taxpayers' money as if it grew on trees and with very little accountability.
    Deficit spending--year by year--is generally a collusion between the two houses of Congress and the president.  This really came to bear during "Clown Prince" obama's first two years of reign with an obamacRATically controlled House and Senate.  We were subjected to the socio-fascist spending in TARP, in the Stimulus (PORKulus) as well as the early expenses involved with the major obama fiasco: obamaKare.  As noted in the two pie charts below, the "Clown Prince" and Congress habitually far outspend the treasury's receipts. 
[The charts indicate a deficit of $1.09 TRILLION {$1.09 Thousand-Billion!!}] 
File:U.S. Federal Receipts - FY 2007.png

File:U.S. Federal Spending - FY 2011.png

    The debt ceiling is an entirely different matter.  The federal government--since 1910-1911--has had a national debt of at least $2.765 Billion and in most years--no matter the president or the majority party in Congress--has risen steadily.  The first serious "growth spurt" came between 1930-1940 when FDR tried to buy his way out of the Roosevelt Depression rather than cutting personal income taxes and gettin' ta hell outa the way!!  Not only did FDR continue to spend more-and-more money he didn't have, he did it with personal tax rates of between 25% (1930) and 79% (1940).  Just to illustrate what economic 'Whiz-Kids' the democrats are, WWII ended with a personal tax rate of 94%!!  That means the bracket allowed the earner to only keep a measly six bucks out of every $100 he earned!!  Again no matter the party or regime in power, the federal debt has grown to today's $16.964 TRILLION.  Without a congressionally controlled debt ceiling--as "Clown Prince" obama has actually suggested--one can just imagine how far the socio-fascist obamacRATics would have pushed it JUST in the past five years of obamanomics!!
    Now we come to the "surrenderepublicRATs"  the very persons whose spines are as limp as their principles!  We have to await the 'votes-by-name' in both the House and the Senate, but those republicRATs who campaigned on fiscal responsibility must not get away with placating "Clown Prince" obama's enormous ego!!  At the least, each affirmative voting republicRAT MUST be primaried in his/her next election season; every socio-fascist MUST be opposed no matter the chances of success.  The majority of the country is opposed to both obamaKare and raising the debt ceiling!!
That's all I got.
Til Nex'Time....
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