Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This'n'That; May First #1; "Bilderbergers"

The Bilderberg Group
    Slowly the plan is coming to light; George Soros--acting as the frontman for the Bilderberg Group--is 'guiding' "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" in the formation and direction of his socio-fascist regime.  Many Americans believe the "Clown Prince" isn't bright enough to do this on his own; he'd not have a clue where to even start the process!  Not only will said regime promote, form and operate a socialist, communist, fascist America, but the country will--if all goes according to the Bilderberg plan--join other like-minded socialist regimes in the formation of a one-world government.  Let's have a look at the background and history of the Bilderberg Group:
Hotel de Bilderberg, Arnhem Netherlands
    This organization began as a loosely formed meeting held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in late spring, 1954.  The original meeting was put together by Josef Retinger (Polish politician), Prince Bernard (Dutch royalty), Paul Van Zeeland (fmr Belgan Prime Minister), Paul Rijkens (Dutch, fmr head of Unilever Corp), Walter Bedell Smith (U.S., THEN Head, CIA) as well as Charles D. Jackson (U.S., THEN an advisor to President Eisenhower).   The purpose of said private organization was--initially--to combat the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe.  The annual meetings are by invitation and only include the mighty and the 'mighty-powerful!!'
    Since it's inception, the Bilderberg Group has met 57 times, nine of those in the United States: 1957-St Simons Island, Ga., 1964-Williamsburg, Va., 1971-Woodstock, Vt., 1978-Princeton, N.J., 1985-Rye Brook, N.Y., 1990-Glen Cove, N.Y., 1997-Lake Lanier, Ga., 2002-Chantilly, Va., and in 2008-again, Chantilly, Va.  While the meetings' dates and locations are public information, attendence for any other reason than by invitation, is not!  All rooms and public areas at the various hotels that are used for the Bilderberg meetings ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE by anyone else, for any reason, for the duration of the conclave.  Each meeting's privacy is enforced by private security, local police as well as the participants' private forces.  For example, in 2009, a reporter for The Guardian (London) was arrested TWICE for merely taking photos of vehicles used for participants' conveyance!!
    The Bilderberg Group has become fodder for the conspiracy theorists on both the right and the left.  The far right believe that the Bilderberg Group is an integral part of "the international zionist-communist conspiracy."  The radical leftists among us believe the Group to be a part of the "Rockefeller-Rothschild conspiracy to rule the world."  Below are some statements by Stephen Lendman in an article quoting Daniel Estulin's book 'The True Story of the Bilderberg Group':
"Whatever its early mission, the Group is now 'a shadow world government....threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality' very much harming the public's welfare.  In short, the Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled and check-mated by militarized enforcement."
....and this:
"Imagine a private club where presidents, prime ministers, international bankers and generals rub shoulders, where gracious royal chaperones ensure everyone gets along, and where the people running the wars, markets and Europe (and America) say what they never dare say in public."
....and this:
"Early in its history, Bilderbergers decided 'to creat an aristocracy of purpose between Europe and the United States (to reach consensus to rule the world on matters of) policy, economics and (overall) strategy.'  NATO was essential for their plans--to ensure 'perpetual war (and) nuclear blackmail' to be used as necessary.  Then proceed to loot the planet, achieve fabulous wealth and power, and crush all challengers to keep it."     If the aforementioned statements don't indicate a conspiracy in the future formation of a one-world government, or at least ....economy, I don't know what would!!  If one were to follow the URLs below (which sadly, are in no particular order) one would find that several of the current "Clown Prince" owe-bama Regime have been 'invited guests' while sitting U.S. government officials, most probably at the behest of George Soros!!
    In the context of said URLs, it now makes more sense than ever before; the various ways "Clown Prince ZERO-bama, the Narcissist" RULES America!!  His intentional destruction of the American economy; his intentional undeclared attacks on Libya; his refusal to secure and protect the southern border; his refusal to enforce immigration law; his intention to (and acts of) governance outside the Constitution; his intention to rule by executive order, et al!!
What do YOU think?!?
'Splain to me again why YOU elected this Arschloch!?!
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