Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This'n'That; November Twenty-Seventh #1; WTF?!?

Where Did "Bungalow Bill" Go?
    Every morning--'bout this time--I wake up the squirrels and start the computer.
Every morning--'bout this time--"Bungalow Bill" pops up on my blog's dashboard.
NOT SO TODAY!!  Every "Bungalow Bill" entry has the same response:

"Sorry, the blog at bungalowbillscw.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs. Did you expect to see your blog here?"

    The author wasn't a bit shy about telling us what's on his mind; the very reason I started reading him.
Did "Clown Prince" obama have the blog taken down?!?
Did 'protection of the masses'--one facist policy "Bill" campaigned against--force the takedown?!?
Anyone know ANYTHING?
"Bill's" blog has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, many others in conservative talk radio as well as many of his fellow bloggers.
Your comments?
Til Nex'Time....



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