Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This'n'That; February Twelfth #1; Since 'The Tour!'

I've Questioned obama's Political Stance Since Apology Tour
    Remember the infamous "2009 Worldwide Apology Tour" when our very-own "Clown Prince" obama bowed-and-scraped to every third-world muslim terrorist-dictator?!?  That's when I began to wonder about said "Clown's" political proclivities.  Seems I'm not the only one (this, from the reaganiterepublican):
Do keep in mind that many in the Arab world are convinced obama is a Shiite Muslim himself--they note that he went after (Sunni) bin Laden aggressively and only supported Arab Spring revolutions against Sunni Muslims and Arab secularists in Libya, Egypt, etc--yet refused to lift a finger against a Shiite-allied (Iran/Hezbollah) Assad regime in Syria nor teetering Tehran itself in 2009--then handed Iraq right over to them.

Circumstantial evidence of Obama's Shia-sympathies is indeed considerable... and I imagine he'd be proud of how Iran is provoking Israel, rather than making deals with them like (Sunni) Mubarak did. NOW these two nutty, pro-Muslim nominees to run our nation's defense and intelligence complex...?

Said proclivities are being confirmed by the nominations of John Heinz-Kerry--who served in Viet Nam--as Sec'y of State; of John Brennan as CIA Director and Chuckie Hagel as Sec'y of Defense.
Heinz-Kerry will replace "Rob'em" Clinton as America's "Clown Prince" obama's international 'yes-person.'
John Brennan  A former U.S. Marine/FBI Agent confirmed Brennan's conversion: “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia.”  Like-wise, this clown should never be confirmed for anything 'OBAMA!'
Lil' Chuckie Hagel is the craftsman of a deal to support the muslim terrorists over the pro-freedom movement.  This clown should never be confirmed!!  We have enough muslim-terrorists and supporters in barackingham Palace!
Today might be the day; right now might be the time, to call your senators and 'splain all this to them.  If they're like mine (Chuckie-Cheese Schumer-The Putz of Park Avenue and Kirsten--the invisible senator--Gillibrand) any criticism will fall on deaf ears, but I like to call once-a-week or so-just to let 'em know I still exist!!
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