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"Clown Prince" Weekly Blather, November 12th

A Patriotic Response To The "Clown Prince;" 11/12/2011
aboard The USS Carl Vinson,
San Diego, California
November 12, 2011
    I’m speaking to you from the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. This is one of the biggest ships in the Navy, and on Friday it was home to one of the most unique college basketball games I’ve ever seen. It also gave members of our military and our veterans a chance to unwind a little bit, and on this Veterans Day, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our men and women in uniform for their service and their sacrifice.  But this day isn’t just about thanking our veterans. It’s about rededicating ourselves to serving our veterans as well as they’ve served us. And right now, that’s more important than ever.   Last month, I announced that, as promised, we will end the war in Iraq by the end of the year. Many of our military families will be welcoming loved ones home for the holidays. At the same time, we’ve begun to wind down the war in Afghanistan. And in the next five years, over a million servicemembers will transition back into civilian life – joining the 3 million who have already done so over the last decade.  These are men and women who have served with distinction in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. But for many of them, the challenges don’t end when they take off the uniform. Today, more than 850,000 veterans remain unemployed. And too many are struggling to find a job worthy of their talents and experience.  That’s not right. We ask these men and women to leave their families and their jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country. The last thing they should have to do is fight for a job when they get home.
[What I'm not telling you:  Check out the cool jacket these guys gave me--just for showin' up!!--Michele didn't get squat!!  I'm getting quite a collection of these jackets; I even got to keep that jacket--belonging to someone else--they gave me in the bunker when I killed bin Laden.  You remember, the one that hid my golf shirt; I didn't have time to change before I-- unexpectedly--killed bin Laden!! 

"Muggin' For The Cameras!!"
We've managed to keep the 'gag-order' on the bin Laden details intact, but I'm sure someone will spill-the-beans on what really happened by writing a book.  Actually, I've already been talkin' to little-Billy Ayers about ghosting my next book; who better--he's written every book sofar, with my name on it!!
    As most owe-bamacRATics are wont to do, I've found a way to engineer a defeat in Iraq; quite possibly another defeat for Afganistan.  With Iraq, I've told you people about my withdrawal plans, with a tone that leads you to believe there'll be no American forces in Iraq at the end of the withdrawal period: Not So!!  We'll--or whoever's your ruler in 2013--have a substantial force in-country for ongoing police training and assistance; we're looking at 12-15,000!!  More-than-likely, this force level will go on for upwards of ten years into the future.  The same deal will apply if we get the 'deal-done' before Michele'n'I get "tossed out on our collective asses!!"
    Today's veteran faces a situation unique in the annals of war: returning home from the battlefield to an economy and jobs market intentionally destroyed by the regime in office!!  With George Soros as engineer-on-this-train, we've run both "off-the-rails!!"  All in the name of having the United States indoctrinated into socialism; fascism before the end of this term of rule.
But--sadly--enough about me!!
    Let's look back at the last big war the American veteran returned from.  We will ignore--for the moment--the Viet Nam conflict and focus on the returnees from World War II.  They returned to an economy in transition from war-materiel to civilian-goods manufacturing.  Not only did they aid in the transition actions, they were on hand to step into jobs with the civilian manufacturers.  During the war-years, there were very few men of military age in the United States jobs market; women had taken over most responsibilities in the manufacturing sector.  The transitions not only included the military veteran, but the American woman who--for the most part--returned to keeping-house and raising families.  After the short-lived Recession of 1945--ending in October, that year--we had a robust economy; a robust jobs market, in the years between the last World War and the commencement of hostilities in Korea. 
    Not so for today's returning veteran!  The returnees face upwards of 9% unemployment--thankfully, owe-bamacRATics 'tweeked' the formula, if not--should be well north of 12%!!  Hell....if ya want some really dismal news, check out the U-6 number--which counts everyone not working, for whatever reason--that's well north of 16%!!  The regime can 'tweek' the numbers all it wants; the only thing that accomplishes is a feel-good gesture that has no positive effect on the actual economy; on the actual jobs market.
    All my bluster aside, the veteran will be treated as every other unemployed American has been treated by this regime: with contempt!!  The American slide toward socialism, fascism, communism, does not include full employment!  We have more to be concerned with along the way, than unemployment!!  Stop whining, get on welfare like the rest of American serfdom!!  While you're on welfare--enjoying this great owe-bamacRATic philosophy--remember who put'cha there when it comes time to vote!!  We're trying to convince the majority of Americans, this--being a welfareRAT--is the 'majority opinion; the majority desire!!']
To give our veterans the opportunities they’ve earned, I’ve directed the federal government to lead by example – and already, we’ve hired 120,000 veterans. We’ve also challenged private companies to hire or train 100,000 post-9/11 veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013. So far, many patriotic companies have answered the call, hiring more than 16,000 Americans. And yesterday, thanks to the hard work of Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden, companies announced their commitment to train or hire 125,000 more over the next two years.   But we need to do more. That’s why, as part of the American Jobs Act, I called on Congress to pass a Returning Heroes Tax Credit, which would give businesses a tax break for each unemployed veteran they hire; and a Wounded Warriors Tax Credit, which would give businesses a tax break for hiring an unemployed veteran with a disability related to their service in uniform.  These proposals will go a long way towards putting our veterans back to work. And on Thursday, I was pleased to see the Senate put partisanship aside and come together to pass these tax credits. After all, standing up for our veterans isn’t a Democratic responsibility or a Republican responsibility – it’s an American responsibility. It’s one that all of us have an obligation to meet. And the House should pass this bill as soon as possible so I can sign it into law.  As Commander-in-Chief, I want every veteran to know that America will always honor your service and your sacrifice – not just today, but every day. And just as you fought for us, we’re going to keep fighting for you – for more jobs, for more security, for the opportunity to keep your families strong and America competitive in the 21st century.  So to all our veterans – thank you for your service. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.
[What I'm not telling you: This "lead by example" bullshit is just that: BULLSHIT!!  The federal hiring practices have but one objective, that of growing the size of said government!!  The greater the size of government; the greater the number of owe-bamacRATic voters!!  This principle usually doesn't hold when referring to military active-duty or veterans.  They tend to vote republicRAT; they tend to be far more conservative than we can tolerate in the government, itself!!  Sure we'll hire them for the 'do-nothing' jobs which will bore them to tears; after which they'll quit and scour the civilian economy for a real job, with real rewards, with real responsibilities, with real satisfaction!!
    The civilian economy needs no urging by the federal government; they are well aware of the veteran's value to the workforce!!  The veteran ha long been the backbone of the civilian economy!!
More Bullshit:  "....the hard work of Michelle...."  Just how difficult is it to drag your 'more-than-ample' ass in front of a camera and read from a teleprompter?!?  
still More Bullshit:  "....and Dr Jill Biden...." Give us a break!!  She's gotta doctorate in education, for Chris'sakes (Allah don't mind if I say that)!!  We all know how wonderful; how effective the American educational system is, right?!?
    When I included these military bribes in my American Jobs (and Tax Increases) Act, I failed to realize--actually, I never considered--the level of pride and determination the American soldier, sailor, airman and marine has.  They don't want preferential treatment that's not afforded every other American and here I am:  Trying to use them for political gain!  All the tax credits on earth don't amount to "two-hoots-in-Hell" if there's no jobs to compete for! 
    Please remember--all you returning, unemployed veterans--that I, s your Commander-in-Chief, honored your service; your sacrifice, by spending the first six-months of my rule, wandering--willy-nilly--around the world apologizing to every 'rathole dictator' for how mean, how uncaring the United States has been prior to my regime!!  On that note: I had a great Veterans Day, thanks for askin'!!]



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